1 DC Supervillain Who Debuted as the Joker’s Sidekick Might Be Even More Sadistic and Unhinged Than Harley Quinn

The character is the rising face of Gotham's new villainy.

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  • Punchline is a character who draws attention for her sadistic nature and obsession with Joker.
  • Her instant rise underscored her impact as a new character in comics.
  • She turned out to be a compelling opponent to Harley Quinn in the DC Universe.
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It was in 2020 when she first appeared in the DC Universe. For those who think that Harley Quinn was the only character obsessed with Joker, it is really curious that Alexis Kaye isn’t as talked about as the official girlfriend of the Gotham City villain.


Her achievements in the comics are so close to what we have come to expect from Batman’s official enemy, that some fans are already warning that it’s not a good idea to ignore her existence. When it comes to great characters, more must be said about Punchline.

Who Is Alexis Kaye Aka Punchline?

Sadistic, problematic and cold are just some of the adjectives that describe the iconic Alexis Kaye, who later became the DC supervillain Punchline. Her story begins when she is kidnapped by the famous clown and finds herself obsessed with him. Then, shortly after breaking up with Harley Quinn, the Joker finds himself with a new partner in crime.


The scribe responsible for the comic book, James Tynion IV, talked about the idea of developing the character and her whole process of radicalization to become someone on the same level as Joker, since action, horror and romance are key elements in her story (via CBR).

Back when I first introduced Punchline, I said many times that this wasn’t going to be a flash in the pan character. That I had big plans for her moving forward, that would drive big story next year and beyond.

Three years ago, all the mystery behind the character was finally revealed in Punchline #1, a 48-page special. Since her first appearance in events such as The Joker War, Fear State and also a regular feature in The Joker, she quickly rose to prominence as one of comics’ new sensations.

Punchline’s Standout Moments To Get To Know Her

When it comes to villainy, despite the love of the fans, Harley Quinn doesn’t hold a candle to Punchline, as love and obsession have very different consequences. Even with the ambiguity of the Clown Prince of Crime’s past, it’s very clear that he has no feelings. Quinn’s love was something he considered a weakness.


So, what he expected in the former Arkham psychologist, he may have found in his new sidekick. In one of the editions, Punchline also makes sure to prove this by defending him.

Every day he’s out there changing the world. Making them see the clowns they really are. Showing them they should laugh at death and tear down society.

Before becoming the Joker’s partner, Alexis Kaye conducted a podcast dedicated to him. It wasn’t long before she became a murderous psychopath. Soon, her influence extended to social networks with a challenge on TikTok which people were horrified by her actions, and others admired her. Then, in college, she left a corpse contaminated with Joker venom in her roommate’s bed.

Furthermore, to demonstrate her diabolical personality, there were the attacks on the Bat-Family. Punchline manipulated the judicial system during her trial and presented herself as a victim, managing to convince the jury to clear her.


The other side of Alexis Kaye has generated such success that it perhaps serves as a reminder that, in a world of superheroes, the most interesting stories often lie in the shadows. Besides, Punchline is also considered by many as a darker and more dangerous version of Harley Quinn. Could she be the best too?


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