1 Marvel and 1 DCU Actor Who Would Steal the Show as Crocodile in Netflix’s One Piece Season 2

Actors from Marvel and DCU who are suited to play the role of Sir Crocodile in Netflix's One piece Season 2

1 marvel and 1 dcu actor who would steal the show as crocodile in netflix's one piece season 2


  • Sir Crocodile is going to be the major antagonist in Season 2 of Netflix's One Piece.
  • Yahya Abdul Mateen II from DC and Thomas Haden Church from Marvel will be suitable to portray Crocodile in the upcoming season.
  • There was a mystery actor who was shown as Crocodile during Roger's execution sequence in Season 1 of Netflix's One Piece.
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Crocodile is the leader of a massive crime organization called Baroque Works, which rules over the Arabasta Kingdom. He is shown as quite a cold, callous, business-savvy warlord in One Piece. Crocodile is also one of the major antagonists of the One Piece anime. As fans are anticipating the second season of the live-action, many are wondering which actor would be suitable for the role.

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What actors from Marvel and DCU will be able to portray Crocodile in Netflix’s One Piece Season 2?

Thomas Haden Church as Sandman
Thomas Haden Church as Sandman

Thomas Haden Church is an American actor known for casting in the prominent Western classics. From Tombstone to Spider-Man: No Way Home, Thomas Haden Church is mainly known as the tragic villain of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3, Sandman. Crocodile also uses sand-related powers due to his Devil Fruit. That’s why Thomas Haden Church would be an excellent fit for the hook-handed warlord, as meta as that would be.

Yahya Abdul Mateen II from Aquaman
Yahya Abdul Mateen II from Aquaman

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II would be another great actor for the role of Crocodile in Netflix’s One Piece. He has the screen presence suitable to back up Crocodile’s menacing aura. The actor has gained some prominent roles in the last few years. There are a lot of factors that are considered before choosing an actor for casting. One significant factor is cost. However, the actor has worked on television before, which includes a massively successful series, Watchmen, at HBO. Therefore, it’s not out of the question he could join Netflix’s One Piece show.


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Crocodile was already shown for a brief moment during Roger’s execution scene in season 1 of Netflix’s One Piece

Crocodile as shown during Roger's execution in Netflix's One Piece Season 1
Crocodile as shown during Roger’s execution in Netflix’s One Piece Season 1

We’ve already seen a mystery actor being cast as Crocodile in Season 1 of Netflix’s One Piece. The first episode of the series, which shows the sequence of legendary pirate Gol D. Roger’s execution, gives us a brief glimpse of Crocodile. Among the crowd are younger versions of essential characters like Mihawk and Smoker. The most exciting fact was that the young Crocodile appeared to be a woman who matched the character’s description from the anime. Many have speculated that this character is, in fact, Crocodile.


There have been several fan theories speculated because of that scene. Some people assume that Crocodile’s past as a woman could mean that Crocodile has already been cast. The events in the Impel Down Arc of the anime back this theory. Emperor Ikanov, who possesses the power to change the gender of other people due to his Devil Fruit, stated that he was keeping a secret for Crocodile. Fans have dissected the scene and theorized that Crocodile was once a woman.

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