1 Metal Gear Solid Game was Released to Buy Time for Hideo Kojima’s Last Entry into the Franchise

Sometimes, and experiment can go better than you'd expect!

Metal Gear Solid


  • Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker initially began as a project to keep people occupied while the team had other plans.
  • Through this game, Kojima wanted younger audiences to take an interest in the franchise.
  • To this day, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker stands as one of the best experiences on PSP.
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Back in 2010, the video game industry was starting to enter a phase where developers (old and new alike) tried new platforms to test their creative freedom. Hideo Kojima was no different, and he took the PSP’s potential to actualize an experiment that would mean a lot of things.


Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker was an entry that not only brought him some time while the team tested new things but also ‘accidentally‘ made for one of the most unique games to have come out on the little beast; the PlayStation Portable. There’s more to this story than we may have imagined.

Hideo Kojima’s Attempt at Bringing in a Younger Audience

Hideo Kojima's MGS Peace Walker
With a clever blend of stealth and gunplay, this game went above and beyond expectations.

In a tweet shared by Hideo Kojima recently, fans have learned the backstory of one of the most unique Metal Gear Solid games in history. This game stood out from the rest in the franchise. This game founded a horizontal evolution for the series.


Given how the limited control inputs on a PSP could often serve as an obstacle to complex game design, Hideo Kojima’s talents never felt unrecognized. Instead, the game cleverly mixed up shooting, sneaking/movement, and other tactical combat mechanics to give out one of the best experiences.

Since this game was for the PSP, the target audience was automatically lowered to fit the themes and context that the console was trying to market. Even though these expectations seemed like something that was set in stone, that simply wasn’t the case.

Kojima wanted younger audiences to experience a franchise that was usually known to older gamers at that time. After all Metal Gear Solid wasn’t a new name in the market at all, and Hideo Kojima knew this was a golden opportunity to shape the series’ future.


One of PlayStation Portable’s Best Experiences

Metal Gear Solid - Peace Walker
To this day, people look back to Peace Walker as one of the best games on the PSP.

Given how the PSP has been one of the most successful consoles of its time, there were few games that stood the test of time and still find a place in people’s conversations to this day. Franchises like Monster Hunter and Metal Gear Solid used this to their advantage, and Peace Walker is still considered to be one of the best experiences you can have on the PSP.

Even though the games have come a long way, there’s little evidence that Kojima will still contribute to the games in one way or another. After all, the creative genius is busy doing his own thing and games like Death Stranding 2 will shape the future.

Yet, looking back to some older masterpieces like Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker brings about its own sense of charm. What started as a subtle distraction in hopes of bettering a game engine turned out to be a cultural phenomenon. How often does that happen?


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