10 Actors Who Should Be in the MCU…And Who They Should Play

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With its massive success over the last 12 years, the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to grow and expand, adding new characters and actors with every installment. The MCU has made stars out of relatively unknowns like Chris Hemsworth and Chris Pratt. It has revitalized the careers of people like Robert Downey Jr and Don Cheadle. Both established actors and up-and-comers continue to flock to the studio. An end to the Infinity Saga and an upcoming slate of brand-new films featuring brand new characters promises to bring in a plethora of new actors to fill these roles. Here are 10 actors who should be in the MCU and who they should play. Let us know in the comments who you want to see in the MCU.

Dev Patel as Reed Richards
Director Jon Watts is set to bring Marvel’s first family into the MCU in 2022. Casting rumors abound for the coveted roles. If the internet has its way, John Krasinsky will helm the franchise as Reed Richards aka Mister Fantastic. Krasinsky rose to fame as Jim Halpert in The Office. The actor soon traded goofy, comedic roles for hardcore action roles and seems to be the favorite for the role. However, Dev Patel is a better fit. He exudes the quiet charisma and intellectual intensity Richards is known for. Patel would be much more believable as “the smartest man in the world.”

Adam Driver as Ben Grimm
Ben Grimm, aka The Thing, is a rock monster with a heart of gold. His hard and rough exterior is merely a shell protecting a surprisingly sensitive and empathetic interior. Adam Driver did a great job portraying an emotionally similar, albeit more mercurial, character in Star Wars as Kylo Ren. He could bring emotional depth and complexity to a character that has been, thus far, difficult to translate to the big screen.

Dan Stevens as Doctor Doom
We recently broke news that Doctor Doom will be making his MCU debut in Black Panther 2. Although traditionally a Fantastic Four villain, Doom has played a much larger role in the broader Marvel Universe. He even has the potential to be the MCU’s next big bad, a la Thanos. The character has been mishandled in two live action adaptations already. Dan Stevens did an amazing job portraying David Haller/Legion in the eponymous TV show. He portrayed the character as complex, conflicted, and torn apart by his internal struggles. By the end of the series, the audience was not sure if the character was still a hero or if he had devolved into a villain. Stevens could bring the same intensity and ambiguity to the role of Doctor Doom.

Keanu Reeves as Silver Surfer
The Silver Surfer/Norin Radd can come off as aloof and indifferent but is incredibly empathetic and altruistic. Keanu Reeves can come off as aloof and indifferent but is incredibly empathetic and altruistic. Both have a touch of melancholy stemming from tragic events throughout their lives that have shaped their personalities and worldviews. Reeve’s monotonous delivery and nearly emotionless expressions would be the perfect vehicle through which to introduce the Surfer to the MCU.


Denzel Washington as Norman Osborn
Now we’re not talking about Green Goblin here necessarily (but I won’t rule it out). Despite being primarily recognized as a Spider-Man villain, Norman Osborn has recently evolved into so much more in Marvel Comics. A cunning and ruthless industrialist, Osborn has the potential to be a major player in the MCU. The absence of S.H.I.E.L.D, Nick Fury, Tony Stark, and many other major characters departed from the MCU, leaves a power vacuum that someone of Osborn’s resources and intellect could seek to fill. Previous MCU films have even hinted at a mysterious businessman making power moves behind the scenes. Denzel Washington can bring a unique gravitas and depth to such a character. Washington’s performances in “Training Day” and “American Gangster” prove that he can play a menacing villain and a ruthless and cunning businessman respectively. He would shine in an adaptation of the “Dark Reign” story line from Marvel Comics.

John Boyega as Scott Summers
Scott Summers, aka Cyclops, is the stoic and steadfast leader of the X-Men. He should enter the MCU soon, along with many of his teammates. Summers has already been portrayed in previous films by James Marsden and Tye Sheridan. Both of those iterations were largely forgettable. John Boyega is best known for his portrayal of reformed stormtrooper Finn in the Star Wars sequel trilogy. Boyega has had leading roles in several action films, and his star continues to rise. He could potentially breathe new life into a character that many think has become stale and static.

Jon Hamm as Mister Sinister
Stop what you’re doing and go google “Mister Sinister.” Now tell me he doesn’t look surprisingly like John Hamm. Nathaniel Essex, aka Mister Sinister, is a major villain in the X-Men in the comics. The character has yet to be adapted for live action films yet. Mister Sinister allows the MCU a rare opportunity to introduce a major new villain that many fans are not familiar with yet. In addition to the resemblance, Jon Hamm can bring charisma and likeability to the character, setting the stage for potential betrayal. Hamm’s work in “Black Mirror” and “Baby Driver’ show that he can play characters with a dark and sinister side.

Taron Egerton as Captain Britain
As the MCU continues to grow and expand into new frontiers, we are bound to see more international superheroes enter the universe. One of the most popular international heroes is Captain Britain. Brian Braddock is the non-mutant brother of sometime X-Man Psylocke. Braddock’s power comes not from an X gene, but from magic, something we should see more of in Phase 4 and beyond. Captain Britain gives the MCU the chance to explore a whole new mythology, and he plays in very nicely with Marvel’s potential multiverse themes moving forward. Taron Egerton is a young, popular British actor who stars in the “Kingsman” franchise. He would be great in a role as a young, reluctant hero learning to cope with his newly acquired powers.

Matt Damon as Beyonder
The Beyonder is a super powerful, extradimensional being that has a bit of a strange preoccupation with the Marvel universe. Despite his power, the Beyonder is more of a mischievous trickster than a malicious supervillain. A recurring role generating general chaos at key points could be a hilarious (and possibly meta) take on the character. And who better to play such a precocious rascal than America’s precocious rascal, Matt Damon. Now you might be saying, “But Matt Damon has already appeared in the MCU in ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ as an actor playing Loki in a play. One actor can’t possibly play two roles in the MCU.” Well, first, they totally can and they totally have. And second, it could totally be retconned and written into cannon. A curious Beyonder, travelling all over the universe, posing as an actor on Asgard. Let’s see what Damon’s mysterious role in the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder reveals.

Bonus: Gary Oldman as Dracula
Gary Oldman has already played Dracula once before, in “Bram Stoker’s Dracula.” Dracula also happens to be a major villain in Marvel comics, and a prominent antagonist to Marvel daywalker Blade. And guess who’s coming to the MCU. Blade is, to be played by Mahershala Ali. Who better to play a major villain and foil to Ali’s Blade than one of the greatest actors of our time?


Written by Mohomad Jafri

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