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10 Alternate Realities Where Batman Became Too Destructive

No matter how dark and cold Batman may appear, he strictly follows a no-kill policy. That’s true until some of his alternate versions emerge, at whose actions even the devil might feel shy. The Dark Knight that we know has a firm set of principles and values. He fights fair and gives his foes a chance to redeem themselves. But his counterparts in alternate worlds were capable of murdering people in cold blood. So, find out the 10 alternate realities where Batman became too destructive.


In JLA: Earth 2, two opposite versions of Earth were depicted. One was governed by hope, while the other basked in the dawn of evil. Similarly, it gave rise to two Batmen who couldn’t be more different from each other. One was a hero while the other was known as Owlman aka Thomas Wayne, who thrived on crime and menace.

Became Like The Joker

No one will ever forget about the “Batman Who Laughs”. In the “Dark Nights: Metal” series, Batman started as the hero we knew and fought crime with his Justice League. But things went southwards after he was exposed to the Joker’s poison that slowly turned his personality more like the Clown Prince of Crime. He ended up destroying the Justice League, thus leaving Damian Wayne at his mercy.

Led to the Fall of Justice League

In JLA: The Nail, there never existed a Superman since Clark Kent was raised by a different family and never grew up to be a hero. On the other hand, Joker was killed by this world’s Batman for murdering Robin and Batgirl. This severely damaged the credibility of the Justice League and soon, everyone stopped looking up to them as superheroes.

When Damien Wayne was Batman

When Damien was given the mantle of Batman, he was ready to go to any lengths to protect Gotham. His obsession drove him into selling his soul in exchange for powers to keep his city safe. Once, Commissioner Barbara Gordon was forced to shoot Damien as he posed as a potential threat. But no amount of bullets could have had any effect on the soulless hero.

Led To The Death of Martha and Thomas Wayne

In Batman Volume 3 #45-47, a time traveller’s gift to Bruce Wayne was travelling back in time to prevent Martha and Thomas Wayne’s death. As a result, Bruce never grew up to become Batman. But this gave birth to a new version of Batman, Dick Grayson. Unfortunately, Bruce’s parents ended up dying again when the new morally challenged Batman barged into the Wayne Manor with guns.

Thomas Wayne as Batman in Flashpoint

In Flashpoint when Barry Allen ran back in time to save his mother from being killed, it messed up the malleable timeline. The reality was completely altered, and so were the lives of the Justice League members. In this alternate timeline, Thomas Wayne became The Dark Knight after his son, Bruce was killed. Unlike Bruce, Thomas’ darker and brutal demeanour rendered him capable of crossing any lines. He also ended up murdering Alfred Pennyworth after making it to the main reality.

Killing The Joker Turned Him Into A Murderer

In Countdown to Final Crisis, Jason Todd and his friends travelled across multiverses and finally landed on Earth 51. This earth had become a crime-free zone a long time ago. But one day Jason was abducted by a curious Batman who didn’t believe in giving second chances to criminals. Later, it was discovered that this Batman had already killed the Joker and Jason Todd from his Earth.

Tried To Kill Jonathan Kent

In Super Sons of Tomorrow, Jonathan Kent was both cursed and blessed with superpowers. Regardless of his good heart, he was prone to hurting mankind even without any intention. When the Super Sons embarked on a mission to find out Jonathan’s dark fate, they were confronted by Teen Titans, hired by Batman of Tomorrow. While everyone was stuck in a dilemma whether to save an innocent child or mankind, former Robin, Tim Drake’s Batman shot Lois Lane with a dart to get hold of Jonathan and also kidnapped a younger version of himself.

No Principles in Millerverse

Batman from the original universe has some values that he will never disrespect. But his counterpart from Millerverse lived without any morals and was capable of going too far. In fact, his action threw him more under the villainous light. Once, he kidnapped an orphan, Dick Grayson and subjected him to such horrors that the kid ended up growing into a villain.

Became a Tyrant

In Batman/Superman: Absolute Power, The Dark Knight, along with his ally Superman, had turned into a despot in an altered timeline. The duo was sent through a series of the craziest realities where they were moulded into dictators of the world. This happened after the Legion of Supervillains from the 31st Century wiped out the Justice League members except for Batman and Superman and raised them to become tyrants.