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10 Animated Comic Series That Need a Revival

If you don’t have interest in reading the comic books, take a moment to watch the animated series. While there are some legendary comic book series like Batman: The Animated Series, Justice League, X-Men (1992), Spider-Man (1994) and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987) which all ended with closure and became iconic in their own rights. There are still a handful of animated series that we would love to see more of, or at least get some solid conclusion too. Considering the success of shows like Young Justice, that ended after its second to receive a revival for a third and announced fourth season. These are some of the shows we would love to see make their way back onto the small screen.

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Todd McFarlane’s Spawn (1997)

Released by HBO with a TV-MA rating, the series tells the origin story of Al Simmons transformation into Spawn. A covert black ops assassin for the government, he is betrayed by his best friend and burned alive. However, due to his life as an assassin, he is sent to hell where he meets the devil Malebolgia. Malebolgia offers a deal to Simmons to be his person demonic assassin, in return he will allow Simmons to go back to Earth to be with his wife Wanda. Simmons is tricked and sent back five years after his death with horrific facial deformities, forcing him to dawn his iconic mask. This show has become the most comic accurate depictions of this character through media. While the 1997 film did remain faithful, its aged visual effects could not hold up to today’s standards. A violent and brutal animated series that lasted only 18 episodes, deserves a second chance to see this character once again. A rebooted film is currently in development by Spawn creator Todd McFarlane and has casted Jamie Foxx in the role as Al Simmons/Spawn.


The Spectacular Spider-Man (2008)

Considered the greatest Spider-Man adaptation ever, this iteration of the wall-crawler ended after 2 seasons with 26 episodes. The series followed suit with what many of us already know about Spider-Man, bitten by a radioactive spider that alters his DNA, loses his uncle, and becomes Spider-Man. Taking place during his teen years in High School and building his relationship with Mary Jane and Harry Osborne. The series was released one year after the film Spider-Man 3, which despite the critical reception, hit big at the box office. Since the rest of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy was so popular, the show creators saw a chance to capitalize on that success and featured much similar content in this series as what was seen in the films. Making characters likes Sandman, Doc Ock, Green Goblin and Venom as main antagonist throughout the series. The series ended and was not expected for a revival due to the Marvel/Disney buy out, meaning the studio wanted to take a new direction with their new series. However, fans have remained faithful to the series since it ended in 2009 and have craved to see this iteration of the Wall-Crawler once again.


The New Batman/Superman Adventures (1997)

Not exactly a series within itself, but instead a combination of episodes from Batman The Animated Series, Superman The Animated Series and The New Batman Adventures. Featuring the episodes World’s Finest, Knight Time, Girls Night Out and The Demon Reborn that brought together The Dark Knight with the Man of Steel. Even though it was all reused material, the idea for a Batman/Superman team up series is what got viewers excited on Saturday mornings. As much as we love the original series, we can’t help but realize this series as a missed opportunity. We would love to see a proper version of this show brought back, but with original content. This show could go back to Batman and Superman’s days in the DCAU before or after they banded together with the rest of the Justice League. But considering their original series were the flagship for the DC Animated Universe, there is so much potential for a DCAU revival with the two biggest names in DC. Throw in Tim Daly as Superman and Kevin Conroy as Batman and you are all set for the World’s Finest return.


Spider-Man: The New Animated Series (2003)

With Brian Michael Bendis as developer and Neil Patrick Harris as Peter Parker/Spider-Man, what more could we have asked for a Spider-Man series. Animated through cell-shading and CGI, this edgy and darker series was aired on MTV and recently through Viceland. Originally based on the Ultimate Spider-Man comic books, the recently success of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man film made the studio rework the show into a soft continuation of the film. There series was unfortunately cancelled due to poor ratings and the show ended with a cliffhanger. While this is one of the many shows that fans have craved for a revival, no word has decided if a second season will happen. However, Mainframe Entertainment have stated that if they were given Marvel’s permission, they would be willing to make a second season. The unique animation, stylistic designs, adult-oriented themes and perfect voice acting is what garnered this series so much love from fans. The show lasted one season with only 13 episodes.


Batman Beyond (1999)

A continuation of Bruce Wayne/Batman’s story arc in the DCAU, Batman Beyond brought The Dark Knight’s world into the future with a young new Batman to carry on the mantel. Since the series ended after its third season in 2001, but creators made it up to fans with a straight to DVD film in Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker. It did end up receiving a proper conclusion in the series episode Epilogue from Justice League Unlimited, which showed us an older Terry McGinnis and his murky past. However, the series was so well received and has become a part of the Batman legacy going as far as being part of the comic book continuity. With its loose ends being tied up, there is still so much we would love to see from this series. Epilogue did give us a lot of closure for the characters, but still left us with a lot of questions we would love to see more of. The relationship between him and his longtime girlfriend Dana, or the evolution of the future Justice League. Does Terry end up being Batman for the rest of his life? Does Gotham end up no longer needing Batman? Does someone else take on being Batman? They convinced us to be invested in Terry McGinnis, so let’s see more of him.


Marvel’s Anime (2010)

Marvel’s Anime was four separate series with twelve episodes per series. Iron Man, Wolverine, X-Men and Blade were all given their own shows created by Madhouse, a Japanese animation studio most known for Death Note and One Punch Man. Iron Man focused on Tony Stark as he attempts to bring down the Zodiac Organization, after the series ended it received an animated film Iron Man: Rise of Technovore. Wolverine saw Logan on the hunt to save his love Mariko from a forced marriage, arranged by her father. X-Men reassembled Xavier’s mutants to find a stolen Armor and retrieve it from the U-Men. Blade followed the Vampire Hunter as he hunts Deacon Frost, the man that killed his mother and confronts a mysterious organization known as the “Existence”. All incredible in their own right, we have to give a hand to the Madhouse for their incredible animation. We would love to see more animated adaptations with other characters like Moon Knight, Ghost Rider or Daredevil. A follow-up movie was created titled Avengers Confidential: Black Widow & Punisher.


Teen Titans (2003)

Although there are rumors of a sixth season, we want to make sure that actually happens and we get to see these five heroes come together again. Running for five seasons and receiving a film Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo, the series was revitalized with a more childish tone with Teen Titans Go! Although the show features the same characters, it does not follow the same tone or story arc from the original series. This series version of the Teen Titans did cross over with the new spin-off series in a film Teen Titans Go! vs. Teen Titans, which introduced a multiverse concept exploring the vast variations of Titans. However, we have yet to receive any solid follow up since the show ended. Considered to be one of Cartoon Networks best series at the time, creative humor, rich stories and interesting character development. Never crossing over with any other characters from the DC Universe (other than their variations of other Titans), the show managed to remain original and not rely on any other continuity.


Wolverine and the X-Men (2008)

Released around the same time as the film X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Wolverine and the X-Men picks up after a devastating event that eliminates Jean Grey and Charles Xavier, causing the X-Men to disband. A year later, the MRD (Mutant Response Division) begins to kidnap mutants and force them to register as an existing mutant. Wolverine and Beast decide to regroup the X-Men to bring an end to the MRD. The series ended on a massive cliffhanger when the final episode ends with the set up for a second season that would explore the Age of Apocalypse story arc. The series was cancelled due to financial problems after the Disney and Marvel merger took place, despite the series gaining some of the highest ratings Nicktoons ever received. Fans of show have been craving to see this show renewed once again, to explore the comic adaptation we have yet to see in any other form of media.


The Batman (2004)

A difficult show to accept at the beginning, the series managed to change the minds of its viewers throughout its five season run and its animated film Batman vs. Dracula. Focusing the first two seasons on Batman’s early crime-fighting career, leading up to the formation of the Justice League. The Batman featured a new voice actor with Rino Romero, a new art style for the Dark Knight and his rouges gallery and also featured a modern tone with more stylistic fight scenes and fast paced storytelling. The series managed to tell a complete Batman story that featured his relationships with Batgirl and Robin in future seasons. However, the entire fifth season was dedicated to Batman meeting other members of the Justice League. Culminating in our heroes working side by side and ending with the creation of the Watchtower. While we would love to see more solo adventures with this variation of Batman, we would love more to see a series that featured this versions Justice League. An expanded universe that brought back Superman, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Martian Manhunter, Hawkman and the Flash as they introduce more heroes and battle bigger threats.


Men in Black: The Series (1997)

Based on the Malibu comics and films of the same name, this series takes place in an alternate timeline of the Men in Black universe. In the series, Agent K did not retire and instead continues to train Agent J to become his own agent, but still followed some of the same source material from the films. Considered as a kid series made for adults, since if featured grotesque animation with its monsters and terrifying body horror. The show still had a strong following and still has plenty of room for future storytelling for a series revival. Considering the recent film Men in Black: International bombed, this is a good opportunity to bring back a fan favorite series to revitalize the franchise. The series can be viewed on the streaming service Crackle, perhaps they can be the ones to bring back this action packed series.

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Written by David Moya

A lot of appreciation for Marvel. Big love for DC Comics!