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10 Astonishing Flash Cosplay

The Flash is among the main characters of the Detective Comics, who was created by ‎Gardner Fox and Harry Lampert. Barry Allen our hero is a normal forensic scientist with the Central City police station. One night when the particle accelerator blew up leading an accident in the central city, a lightning caused by the accelerator hit Barry leading him into a coma for nine months. So when Barry woke up after nine months, he found out that the lighting gave him super speed. The Flash has appeared in several DC movies and TV shows. Of course with his long tenure in the comics, The Flash had a variety of interactions with different speedsters just like him. Those belonged to different earths in the Multiverse, having the same agenda i.e. Justice and there were some more speedster who were not only evil but, were also the arch nemeses of the Flash. They were Reverse-Flash is biggest rival and his mother’s killer and then there was Zoom after zoom was Savitar. These evil speedsters have appeared both in comics as well as The CW TV show of the same name. The flash has had plenty of cosplays over the past decade and here are some of the best cosplays of The Flash.

#1 Hoodie Inspired Flash:



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#2 The Jay Garrick Flash:


#3 Inertia aka Thaddeus Thawne II:



#4 Flash Is Fast Enough to Stop Bullets:


#5 New 52 Kid Flash Suit:


#6 Wally West As The Flash:


#7 Lady Johnny Quick Flash:



#8 Kid Flash:

#9 Flash Inspired Body Paint:


#10 Lady Flash:


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Source: Shiv Singh 

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