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10 Avatar Villains That Put Classic Anime Villains To Shame

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The world of Avatar is riddled with some truly fearsome foes. And many of them have what it takes to put even some of the most legendary anime villains to shame.


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Ghazan was a powerhouse. There was nobody like him. There probably will be no one who could match his strength and skills. Ghazan had the rare ability of lava bending, a subset of fire bending. He could summon molten rock from the ground and throw boulders of hot lava at his foes. His threat was deemed so severe that after he was captured, he was put in an extremely remote location. His holding cell was a wooden platform deep in the heart of the ocean where he has no earth or metal to bend.

Fire Lord Ozai

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It took an Avatar and the rare art of energy bending to take down Fire Lord Ozai, a one man army. That is how scary powerful this guy is. His very presence instilled fear in the hearts of men. Ozai is a descendent of master fire bender Sozin and the Son of another gifted fire bender named Azulon. His fire bending gifts are Godlike. When Sozin’s comet came to pass, Fire Lord Ozai’s power levels increased further to the point he could burn the very earth into smoldering cinders.


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Unalaq was once just a visionary. He was probably not always evil. He had a vision for the world. But somewhere down the line he lost his way. There was a time when Korra actually went against her own father to take Unalaq’s side. Not even Tenzin could convince her otherwise. she believed in him blindly. And then Unalaq backstabbed Korra by fusing with Vaatu and becoming the most powerful being in the Avatar Universe. His water bending skills are no joke either. Even Korra’s father, a very skilled water bender, was unable to defeat Unalaq.


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P’Li was so dangerous that special countermeasures were taken just to keep her imprisoned. Like Ghazan, P’Li was a grave threat. She was kept incapacitated in a perpetually frozen cell within the Northern Water Tribe territory. Right after she was freed, P’Li showed the reasons why the Northern water Tribe took such extreme steps to contain her. Her serious acrobatic skills combined with her combustion bending took down multiple earth benders in one go. After Zaheer, she was probably the most acrobatic and agile in the Red Lotus team.

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Amon’s name resonates with dread and terror. he was the first major villain Avatar Korra had to face in her four season run in the series. Amon was a blood bender. Like his brother Tarrlok, he was gifted in that ability. Of the two sons of Yakon, Noatak, the younger brother, proved to be more adept at blood bending. Using his special abilities, he honed the art of taking away someone’s bending. While many villains came after him, it was Amon who got under Korra’s skin. he was a terror both an and off the battlefield.


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Where would the world be without the Avatar? Could the avatar Universe have even survived such a scenario? If this guy would have had his way, this lethal fantasy could have been turned into reality. Kuvira and Amon tried their best to stop the Avatar. But it was Zaheer who came mighty close to ending the Avatar Cycle for good. He was only the second air bender ever to unlock the power of true flight. He was also the most agile and nimble of all the Red Lotus members.


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Kuvira was the final villain Korra faced in the fourth season of The Legend Of Korra. Kuvira proved herself to be a well-oiled fighting machine. She was an exceptionally talented hand to hand combatant. She was well-versed in Metal bending, which in the modern age, was very relevant. Kuvira led the rise of the earth Empire Army in a matter of just a few years. Who could forget just how ingenious she was in the usage of the metal strips in her uniform. Many fans suggest Kuvira was a better, more refined version of Princess Azula.

Princess Azula

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Before there was Zaheer or Kuvira, there was a 15 year old girl whose very name struck fear in the hearts of the strongest of men. Princess Azula was ruthless. Her methods were brutal and infamous. She was Fire Lord Ozai’s most prized possession. Azula’s proficiency in Lightning bending was what made her a force to be reckoned with. Team Aang was at least able to hold their own against Zuko’s efforts to capture them. When Azula entered the scene, all they could do was run away as fast as possible.


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The Avatar universe borrows heavily from Eastern Philosophies. The predominance of Buddhist philosophies in the series is noticeable. In the world of Avatar, the forces of light and dark aka yin and yang are known as Raava and Vaatu. Raava represents order while Vaatu signifies chaos. They are locked in an eternal struggle in the cosmos. If their struggle is interrupted, there will be grave consequences. The last time someone tried to interfere, the Avatar Cycle was created. Vaatu is by far the single most potent threat to the entire world of Avatar.

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The reason Hama made it to this list is because of her single greatest invention. Hama was a very gifted Water bender who was captured by Fire Nation and put into prison. Under captivity, a depressed and broken Hama came up with the deadliest and most evil form of bending to have been ever made. Hama created and honed the art of blood-bending, a subset of water bending which allows the user to literally control people’s actions. Using her blood bending, Hama developed the ingredients for Amon to develop another form of blood bending. It could be used to take away the art of bending from other benders. Although she was defeated, her legacy lived on and led to the rise of deadly blood benders in The Legend Of Korra.

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