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10 Avengers You Might Not Know About

The Avengers have been around for a while now, the team was not always the superhumans we know now. Indeed, before the Marvel Cinematic Universe arose, not many top level legends were on the Avengers group by any stretch of the imagination. There were times when it did not include superheroes like Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor in its ranks. Instead, heroes like the Black Knight, Sersi, and Crystal were a part of the Avengers. To lead the team, there was Doctor Druid. Unfortunately, not all Avengers go down in history. Here are 10 Avengers that somehow went unnoticed.

1) Gilgamesh The Forgotten One

Gilgamesh aka The Forgotten One gained popularity from The Eternals. The Eternals are resistant to age, have accelerated healing, and are incredibly strong. Unfortunately, the Forgotten One was cast out for his attraction towards mortal affairs. Using the name Gilgamesh, he dwelled on the earth assisting humans in their quests for justice.

Gilgamesh joined the Avengers when they were depleting. He assisted the team until he was killed in battle with Kang. But later he had actually been reborn.

2) Captain Britain (Lionheart)

Many fans know Captain Britain as Brian Braddock. However, the first Captain Britain to be an Avenger was Kelsey Leigh who was a single mother who sacrificed herself while protecting her children from the Wrecking Crew using Captain America’s shield, while the shield was indestructible, Kelsey wasn’t.

Kelsey awoke to find herself in a ring of standing stones, where she was met by a vision of Brian Braddock (the former Captain Britain), he passed the mantle of Captain Britain to Kelsey. Her heroic act of bravery earned her a second chance to live and to defend her home. When she returned to the mortal world, she would keep her powers but have her name changed to Lionheart.

3) Sandman’s Shift Between Good & Evil

Many Marvel fans know that one of Spider-man’s biggest enemies is Sandman, but not many fans know that he was actually an Avenger. It was the Fantastic Four‘s Thing who made him question his bad choices and helped him choose the correct path. He would then assist in the fight against crime.

However, the path of the hero did not last long. After an outcry from fans who had enjoyed his stint as a hero, Marvel had to push out a messy retcon in which he had been controlled by the Wizard.

4) Sersi & Her Erratic Behavior

Like the Forgotten One, Sersi was also a part of the Eternals. Before joining the Avengers, she adventured throughout history before becoming a wealthy socialite in New York.

When her fellow Eternal, Gilgamesh, was killed, Sersi was invited to take his place in the team. Her time with the Avengers was hectic, with her behavior becoming increasingly erratic and violent before her departure. Sersi was recently believed to have died when the race of Eternals was driven mad.

5) Silverclaw

Silverclaw has a heartwarming backstory. A child born of a human father and a volcano goddess in a small Costa Verde village, she was placed into an orphanage after the death of her father. When the Avengers Butler Edwin Jarvis set up a charitable sponsor program, she was matched to him due to her emerging powers.

6) Doctor Druid The Psychologist

In his 60s appearances, he was known as Doctor Droom but later vanished into comic obscurity. It was not until the 70s when he resurfaced as Doctor Druid. Anthony Ludgate was a trained psychologist who studied at Harvard and also had a passion for the occult.

After making appearances in Ghost Rider and the Incredible Hulk, Doctor Druid would join the Avengers. He was mind-controlled by the villain Terminatrix, he then unknowingly tried to turn the team on itself, even becoming the leader at one stage. When freed, he would fake his own death due to the shame his actions brought upon him.

7) Living Lightning

Miguel Santo’s dad, Carlos, was an individual from the Legion of Living Lightning. At the point when he passed on in fight, Miguel broke into their headquarters. He was unintentionally transformed into a being of pure electricity. After a short criminal profession, he would meet the West Coast Avengers and start another life as a part.

Miguel joined a number of teams after this, including the Rangers, a team of heroes formed to defend Texas. He once turned down an offer to join the Great Lakes Avengers. Originally signing up, he had believed their acronym stood for the Gay and Lesbian Alliance.

8) Two-Gun Kid Who Travelled Through Time

The Two-Gun Kid has a long history in Marvel Comics. Initially, he was a character in their Western Imprints when the company was known as Timely. In the silver age, another adaptation of the character helped the Avengers battle Kang the conqueror in 1870. Two-Gun Kid would bounce backward and forward in time for many adventures after this.

9) Firebird The Social Worker

She was a member of the Avengers West Coast, but before that, Bonita Juarez was a founder member of the Rangers. A true hero, she chooses to locate herself in her home region of New Mexico. Here, she divides her time between being a superhero and a social worker.

Her caring nature was expressed when she first joined the Avengers. On her very first day, she stopped Hank Pym from committing suicide.

10) Triathlon & His Enhanced Spiritual Enlightenment

Delroy Garret was stripped of his three gold medals because of his steroid abuse. He then turned to religion. He joined a cult-like organization called Triune Understanding. He had a celebrity status, so they positioned him as a spokesperson. He was given powers from a mysterious object. However, he believed they had come from his enhanced spiritual enlightenment.

He then came into contact with the Avengers. His association was not very long and characterized by the outing of the Triune Understanding as a front for an alien invasion.


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Written by Farhan Asif

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