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10 Baffling Marvel Cosmic Gods That Are Impossible On-Screen

There is no doubt that the MCU is unfathomably popular. But there are limits and boundaries even the MCU cannot cross. These Cosmic Gods for example, will never see the light of day in the MCU.

Shuma Gorath

Shuma Gorath is one of the oldest villains in Doctor Strange’s Rogues gallery. The entity is from a race of beings called “The Old Ones”. Gorath was the most powerful of his kind. It actually ruled the Earth millions of years ago. before Doctor Strange. Shuma Gorath also fought the ancient One. Gorath was responsible for the Ancient One’s death, possessing his body and forcing Doctor Strange to kill him. Shuma Gorath’s Lovecraftian tentacled form would be very hard to be replicated in the MCU.


When the Universe was created, four comic entities came along with it in kind of a package deal. These beings were Eternity, Infinity, Death, and Oblivion, each representing their namesake equivalent of an aspect of the universe. Oblivion’s domain is a little too dark for the MCU. While Death is the entity that represents the beginning and the end of all things, Oblivion represents ‘Non-Existence’. When someone or something is completely wiped out from the face of reality, it is where Oblivion comes in. This is an entity so vague and dark the MCU will never allow it on screen.

The First Firmament

There was a time when time and space were mere concepts. The universe was but a theory. There was no multiverse. It was just one massive plane of universal existence. And the First firmament was the sole being that inhabited that realm. It was the embodiment of the consciousness of the entire plane of existence that would one day form the multiverse. The First Firmament’s rule was put to an end by its off-springs – the Celestials. His essence gave birth to several iterations of the Cosmos. The sceond iteration gave birth to the Multiverse. The First Firmament had a secret plan to use the energy from the seven other Cosmos to return back into existence. It was defeated by Galactus and impirsoned in the Land of Couldn’t Be-Shouldn’t Be. This is as whacky as it gets.


Amatsu-Mikaboshi is based an ancient God from Japanese mythology. It is the Japanese God of Fear. Mikaboshi is more infamously known as the Chaos King. After the fall of Asgard, Amatsu-Mikaboshi tried to take over the rest of the pantheons by instigating a grand war. He was eventually defeated by Ares, the Greek god of war, and his son alexander, the Greek God of Fear. He was then imprisoned in the Underworld. When the Skrull Gods attacked Earth, Mikaboshi teamed up with the Gods of Earth to repel the invasion.

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The One Above All

The One Above All is such an impossibly abstract entity it could never be brought to the big screens. Apoparently, the One Above all is the closest thing to God in the Marvel Comic Book Universe. And he looks very similar to Jack Kirby, who played a major role in the creation of Marvel Comics. The One Above All has been encountered numerous times in the comics, the most popular being when the Fantastic Four were trying to resurrect Ben Grimm.

Pharaoh Akhenaten

Akhenaten was once a measly pharaoh of ancient Egypt. he was a nobody until a race of beings called the Celestial Order gave him access to immeasurable power, deeming him as their champion. Akhenaten was given a portion of the energy from the Heart of the Universe, an energy source that is connected to the One Above All. Using its power, Akhenaten turned the world into a chaotic dystopia. The Heart of the Universe is a million times stronger than the Infinity Gauntlet. An object of this much power is still lightyears away from being introduced to the MCU.


The Demiurge is the being that gave birth to the Elder Gods, a corrupted race of cosmic beings that plague the Marvel comic Book Universe. To prevent his children from destroying creation, the Demiurge meditated with Gaea to create Atum. Aum or the Demigorge singlehandedly put the warring Elder Gods to rest. The Demiurge is the embodiment of the life force of the planet. he can exist in both corporeal and non-corporeal form. An entity like the Demiurge is too abstract to be properly interpreted by casual movie goers that form the bulk of Marvel Studios’ fan base.


The entities of Chaos and Order are locked in an eternal struggle. When the First Firmament led to the iterations of the Cosmos, the entity known as Logos was born. Lord Chaos and Master Order literally join forces with the entity tasked with maintaining the balance between them to give rise to Logos. Logos ended up murdering the almighty Living Tribunal. It established its own rules of the Multi-Verse and imposed his will over all the other cosmic entities. It was a corrupted entity with a very twisted sense of right and wrong.

Queen of Nevers

The Queen of Nevers is actually pretty powerful. Some might say she is the probably the most powerful entity after the First Firmament. Her domain is what makes her unique. The queen of Nevers embodies the possibilities that could be and everything that might happen next. Using her powers, she can not only change the future but the very fate of everything within the Multi-Verse. The Queen of Nevers fortunately is a benevolent entity who works along with Eternity to make impossible things real across the Multiverse. She was the one who saved the One Above All from Logos’ rampage. The Queen of Nevers dwells in the Land of Couldn’t Be – Shouldn’t Be.

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Proemial Gods

The Proemial Gods achieved the ability to harness the Power Cosmic when the Universe was still in its nascent stage. They were charged with the responsibility of taking care of the Universe and aid in the creation of all things. That was until one of them named Diableri corrupted his kind and almost destroyed the universe as we knew it. Galactus was responsible for defeating them and imprisoning the remaining survivors in an inescapable prison. After the events of Annihilation, the Proemial survivors escaped and exacted their revenge on the Devourer of Worlds.