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10 Bat-Family Members we want for Gotham Knights 2

10 Bat-Family Members we want for Gotham Knights 2

We know this article is a little early to release since the game isn’t even out yet and who knows what other content WB Montreal will add to the game. But we insisted to get a head start on the character possibilities for future installments or potential DLC in the coming months. Gotham Knights already allows gamers to play as Batman’s four major sidekicks with Nightwing, Red Hood, Batgirl, and Robin (Tim Drake). However, there is still an entire roster of Batman family members that could provide diverse and unique gameplay for a sequel or expansion within the first game. This is why we will be taking a look at the 10 Bat-Family Members we want for Gotham Knights 2.


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Damian Wayne / Robin

Damian Wayne as Robin

Despite us already having Tim Drake’s Robin in the first game, there is still a handful of Robins that could create some phenomenal gameplay. Notably, Damian’s swordsmanship and lust for blood would also provide opportunities for intriguing storytelling since the game begins with the death of Bruce Wayne. Add some variety in weaponry with Damian’s signature sword.

Katherine Kane / Batwoman

Katherine Kane as Batwoman

The character of Batwoman has been around for a while now but hasn’t exactly gained the popularity she deserved until making her appearance in the Arrowverse and as a representative of DC’s collection of LGTBQIA2S+ characters. A story could be told in the sequel of Katherine Kane attempting to prove herself as the cousin to Bruce Wayne and the sidekicks allowing her to work with them, while also remaining skeptical.

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Selina Kyle / Catwoman

Selina Kyle as Catwoman

Arkham City and Arkham Knight allowed players to spend portions of the game as Selina Kyle, not very much of her gameplay would need to really change. But an interesting aspect would be seeing how our heroes react to Bruce Wayne’s former lover as she attempts to establish herself as a valuable part of Batman’s life, while also attempting to try and trust Catwoman.

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Jean-Paul Valley / Azrael

Jean-Paul Valley as Azrael

This entry might be a bit of a long shot, but Azrael has still established himself as a hero rather than a villain as he did in his first appearances. However, after being called upon by the Order of St. Dumas, it’s a logical step for the character to make since the Dark Knight is believed to be deceased. Azrael would love nothing more than to take his place. Azrael already made his appearance in gaming when he showed up as a playable character for Batman: Arkham Knight.


Helena Bertinelli / Huntress

Helena Bertinelli as Huntress

Bertinelli might have closer ties with the Birds of Prey, but she originally joined forces with Batman. Not much background of a reason would need to be established with Huntress, other than she is a trusted ally of Batman, and its time she joins the team to assist in the protection of Gotham City. Equipped with a crossbow, gameplay could include a vast variety of arrows for her weapon that could change combat or stealth.

Terry McGinnis / Batman Beyond

Batman Beyond
Terry McGinnis as Batman Beyond

This one might be a bit difficult to do, considering Terry operates in the future. However, if he was available only as a playable character rather than a campaign added then I think we could make something work. Terry’s incorporation could become something simple for developers to do, considering the animated series has already provided so much content for them to include with gameplay. Anywhere from the cloaking system to the detective devices used in the series.

Duke Thomas / The Signal

The Signal
Duke Thomas as the Signal

While Duke Thomas first appeared in 2014, it wasn’t until 2018 that he emerged as another addition to the Bat Family as The Signal. Although a lot of the Bat-Family members are similar in nature, Thomas brings some unique abilities and equipment to the roster including Photokinesis, which allows him to manipulate light. As well as Umbrakinesis which allows him to manipulate darkness. Thomas also comes equipped with enhanced Esckrima sticks, modified into nunchakus. Much of his gameplay might resemble some of Batgirl’s, but could still provide something different for players.


Stephanie Brown / Spoiler

Stephanie Brown as Spoiler

The daughter of the villain, Cluemaster. Stephanie Brown has taken on a couple of personas including Robin and Batgirl, before settling on Spoiler. The spoiler doesn’t have much difference from the Bat Family when it comes to weapons and abilities, but I am sure the developers of the team could come up with something fresh and distinguished for the character. And if not, then she for sure could make for an exclusive skin for Batgirl.

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Cassandra Cain / Orphan

Cassandra Cain as Orphan

Coming from a family of assassins, being the daughter of Lady Shiva. Cassandra Cain fled her home after witnessing her first killing and made the decision to side with Batman and his allies. Another character with a similar play style to the other Knights, she could still be reworked by the developers to provide some new gameplay for gamers to try. Specializing in stealth could open a door to variations of gameplay for future installments.


Luke Fox / Batwing

Lucas Fox as Batwing

The version of Batwing we think would work best for this universe would have to be Luke Fox, rather than David Zavimbe. This take of Batwing would be the son of Lucius Fox, who refused to join his father at Wayne Enterprises until he was forced into the Batwing suit and began fighting alongside the Bat Family. Now imagine a Batman suit upgraded by Tony Stark, that is what the Batwing suit could be. I could go into the potential of what that might look like, but I think we will just let your imagination do that for you.

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