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10 Best Batman Arkham Boss Battles

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A common admiration for the Arkham series are the boss battles that come with it. Taking on Batmans various rouges to regain control of Arkham Asylum, Arkham City and Gotham City makes for some of the best moments to come from the franchise. Not to mention each villain you face comes with a different yet challenging way to utilize Batmans skills and gadgets to take down Gothams Most Wanted. While there are many moments from the game that could be considered as a boss battle, we will primarily focus on one-on-one battles through the series. Batmans one punch KO of Electrocutioner or the Militia variations from Arkham Knight will not count for this list. Furthermore, we will be covering the best battles starting with Asylum, City, Origins and Knight. SPOILER WARNING is in effect.

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Scarecrow (Arkham Asylum)


With the ability to inflict fear on a man who is considered fearless, the Scarecrow spends his moments in Arkham Asylum injecting fear toxins into Batman and causing him to hallucinate a version of Arkham even more nightmarish than it already is. Facing the Master of Fear in hellish versions of the Medical Facility, Arkham Mansion and Intensive Treatment. Players must maneuver Batman around a three story tall Scarecrow and avoid his glare or face defeat. After Batman manages to fight off the large amounts of fear toxin and overcome the nightmares just as Batman is about to get his hands on Scarecrow, Killer Croc gets to him first and pulls him into the Arkham sewers. Only to make his deformed return as the main antagonist in Arkham Knight.


Killer Croc (Arkham Asylum)

Killer Croc

Speaking of Killer Croc, another interesting boss battle comes from this monster man from within the Asylum. Batman must enter Crocs Lair in the underground sewers of the Asylum, to locate plant spores that can be used to reverse the Titan formula Joker has. Seems pretty simple right? You would think so, except players have to carefully move Batman through the lair on nothing more than wooden planks. If Batman begins to run across the planks, Croc will quickly pop up and take Batman down into the depths. Ok, no problem right? But the fear and intensity is raised when Croc makes sudden bursts through the planks and runs at Batman, forcing Batman to swiftly throw a batarang at Crocs electric collar and send him back into the water. Again, this might seem simple enough except there is no warning to when or where Killer Croc might burst out at you and what is what makes his battle so terrifying.


Solomon Grundy (Arkham City)

Solomon Grundy

One of the first major boss battles of the game, the appearance of Grundy got many BatFans excited to take on the undead zombie. Just as Batman is about to take down the Penguin, the Caped Crusader is sent down into a basement where Penguin is keeping Grundy. The scenario is constantly changing as Grundy swings and throws the massive cement balls attached to him, as well as little maggots that crawls towards Batmans feet. Players have to avoid Grundys attacks, while at the same time blowing up electric floor panels that are giving life to the zombie. Just when you think you’ve defeated him, he awakens to continue his battle against Batman. Luckily, we manage to defeat Grundy for good although he is undead and has been resurrected many times its surprising we never got a second appearance in other Arkham games.


Ra’s Al Ghul (Arkham City)

Ras Al Ghul

As Batman continues his mission to retrieve an antidote to cure himself from the Jokers blood flowing through his body. He must first travel to the fountain of youth, the Lazarus Pit. Making his way through the forgotten ruins of Wonder City and into the lair of the League of Assassins, where he must face the demon trials. Using your grapnel gun and glide capabilities to get through the concrete wasteland, Batman manages to complete the demon trials and face Ra’s Al Ghul. The battle combines the agility the players possess with Batman to avoid the incoming attacks by the Demons Head, as well as brief hand-to-hand combat in battling Ra’s oncoming blade attacks. Combined gameplay mechanics with the stunning supernatural visuals created by Ra’s makes this for one of the most challenging battles in the game.


Mr. Freeze (Arkham City)

Mr. Freeze

As Batman recruits the help of Victor Fries to come up with an antidote that could save the Dark Knights life, things go south when Mr. Freeze decides to turn against Batman. While many of the other boss battles require Batmans use of brute force and endurance, this one takes a different approach by utilizing his stealth abilities. Carefully having to move through Mr. Freeze’s base and find clever ways to defeat him, the battle becomes more and more challenging as Freeze learns from all of the stealth tactics you use on him. With each variation you use on the King of Cold the more options you start to run out of and the more creative players have to become. Many have often referred to this moment in the game as the most memorable, turning this battle into one of the best of the series and a highlight in the game.


Copperhead (Arkham Origins)


Normally a male character but changed to be a female in this game, Copperhead was one of the assassins hired by Black Mask to kill the Batman. She finally made her appearance in the game after you find the real Roman Sionis in the Steel Mill, she poisons Batman and weakens him before their first and last encounter. First you use your forensic scanner to identify the poison used, so a hopeful cure can be created. Batman begins to hallucinate a group of Copperheads who start to attack him all at once. Players now must control an injured Batman against an onslaught of Copperheads as they all attack you at once and attempt to strangle the Dark Knight. Once defeated, she is locked in a shipping container for the police to find and Batman is administered a cure.


Deathstroke (Arkham Origins)


One of the most anticipated battles for the game with two of the most skilled martial artist in DC Comics didn’t disappoint. After infiltrating the Penguin onboard the Final Offer, Batman is sidelined by Deathstroke and the fight between the two initiates. The first time in the series that allows Batman to really utilize his hand-to-hand combat against his opponent, you both are locked in combat that consists of quick maneuvers and specifically timed counter attacks. Making this one of Batmans most deadliest battles, and making for an anticipated rematch in the following game Arkham Knight.


Nightwing (Arkham Knight)


You might be confused as to why this battle might be on the list, especially because there is no moment in the games story that you battle the former Robin. This entry does come from the main story in Arkham Knight, but instead from the Harley Quinn Story Pack. The entire mission doesn’t take very long as you smash your way through the Blüdhaven Police Department as Harley Quinn to break out Poison Ivy. Once you pummel the officers and make your way to Ivy, you are interrupted by Nightwing. The battle plays out somewhat similarly to a regular fight in the series, but what makes this one so fun and memorable is the simple fact that you get to play as the villain for once and kick the crap out of a hero fierce and formidable as Nightwing.


Arkham Knight (Arkham Knight)

Arkham Knight

Another stealth encounter against Batmans former sidekick, that doesn’t just test the Dark Knight in his skills but his emotions as well. When it is revealed the Arkham Knight is actually Jason Todd, the second Robin who was thought to have been killed by the Joker. Now knowing the true identity of his enemy, Batman is being hunted in the Knights headquarters by Jason and his militia forces. Armed with a sniper, drones and sentry guns Jason and the militia search for Batman as he quietly takes out the soldiers and find his way around the high-tech weaponry. Not only does this entire moment mark the end of the Arkham Knight, but also the beginning of Jason Todds transformation into the fan favorite Red Hood.


Batman (Arkham Knight)

Batman 2

Another bit of a twist in the story and our list, where you take control of the Joker and have to take on Batman. While some might not consider this a boss battle, it’s still one of the best moments in the game that ends the feud between Batman and the Joker. Throughout the entire game you play as Batman who is slowly turning to the Clown Prince of Crime, and struggling with the premonition of Joker. Players take control of the Joker and enter the mind of Batman, as Joker tries to take control by taking out the Penguin, Riddler, Two-Face and Killer Croc. Finally you end up in what appears to be a mausoleum where Joker faces his worse fears, being forgotten. Joker then meets his fate, being overcome by Batman and forced into the depths of Batmans mind and finally being forgotten.

Written by David Moya

A lot of appreciation for Marvel. Big love for DC Comics!