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10 Best Batman Arkham Gadgets

One of the best aspects of the Arkham games is using Batmans gadgets. Bringing something new to the table with each entry of the franchise, the use of Batmans gadgets has varied their use from solving elaborate puzzles to taking down enemies during combat. Not only will be looking at some of the coolest gear to use in the game, but also how they are used while on yours missions and how they can be applied during stealth moments, boss battles and his detective work. One thing is for sure with each new game Rocksteady made, so did their creativeness of all these cool toys. Even creating original technology that we have never seen in any variation of Batman.

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Detective Mode

A key component to Batmans arsenal, the detective mode was first introduced in Arkham Asylum and has since been an important part to the series. Batmans detective mode allows players to have an upper hand on enemies to understand the level of fear you are inflicting on them, as well as if they are armed or not. Furthermore, its most important use is when you are having to scan a crime scene and has different variations including a crime scene reconstruction mode to read the how and why a crime was committed. However, Batman isn’t the only playable character with this ability. The other Bat-Family members and playable villains such as Harley Quinn and The Joker all come with their unique version of detective mode.



Another gadget that appeared in Arkham Asylum and stuck with the series since. The Batclaw was originally intended to be a way for Batman to get around the asylum. When there was a vent for him to climb into, but couldn’t get his hands on he would use the batclaw to remove the cover and grapple up. Later in the game you are given an upgrade called the Ultra Batclaw that fires three claws at once and gives the game a bit of faster pace. In Arkham City, players were given the ability to use gadgets during combat and made the batclaw one of the coolest ways to finish your opponent with a close line.


Explosive Gel

Another important piece of Batmans weaponry. The explosive gel is mostly used as a way to destroy weak walls. Capable of using the spray three times at once, it also became useful during stealth missions to blow up weak walls near enemies and knocking them out or later used as a mine. In Arkham City, the gel was also incorporated in combat and allowed players to quickly spray it on the ground and explode when triggered to knock down multiple enemies. Later in Arkham Knight, it was used in battle as a quick shot on enemies, rather than applying it to the ground.



Introduced in Arkham City, the disruptor has had multiple designs and uses throughout the series. Originally as a switch that would shut off weapons and detonate mines, it was later upgraded in Arkham Origins and Arkham Knight. In Knight, it took the form of a rifle and allowed players to disrupt med packs on the medics, weapon crates, and camo soldiers. The design in Knight also drew inspiration from the detonator gun Batman used in The Dark Knight, able to fold up into a compact box that fits in his utility belt and capable of firing up to four rounds to multiple targets.


Remote Hacking Device

A new piece of technology that was introduced in Arkham Knight. The Remote Hacking Device became one of the most frequently used gadgets in the game. It was a device given to Batman by Lucius Fox in order to enter Simon Staggs airship, and temporarily shut down sentry guns. It’s also been a useful tool during stealth missions, allowing players to blow up nearby generators and even hack into militia servers to gain access to drones and turning them against their own. In the DLC A Matter of Family, Batgirl brought her own version of this gadget that allowed her to take control of machines and other objects.


Glue/Freeze Grenade

The Freeze grenade was first brought to us in Arkham City, so when WB Montreal was developing Arkham Origins and wanted to bring it back, it didn’t make much sense since it was first given to him by Mr. Freeze. So instead they changed it to the Glue Grenade, and worked just the same as the Freeze Grenade. Able to help Batman get across flooded areas by creating a small icy raft, its other uses also included its ability to plug up pipes and incorporate during combat. They were also given upgrades to be thrown at enemy and explode to effect other surrounding enemies, giving players the chance to breathe a little during combat.



Voice Synthesizer

A tool that was first appeared in the Arkham games with Arkham Knight. This fascinating gadget was used after Batman tried to enter the film studio, but was denied security clearance when Harley Quinn took it over. Activated by Batman’s voice, he made his way through using the Voice Synthesizer to mimic Harley’s voice and open doors or manipulate her thugs to open doors. This tool also became extremely useful during predator missions to control and trick villains henchmen to go near areas for you to strike. Able to mimic Harley Quinn’s, Arkham Knights and Two-Face’s voice during the game.


Smoke Pellets

A gadget that will always be a part of Batmans arsenal, not just in games but in his movies, comics, and animated series. The smoke bomb is his quick and efficient way to temporarily blind enemies and make an escape. Used in every Arkham game, they are given at least two upgrades that increase its volume and duration. The only time enemies had a way to fight against the smoke pellets were in Arkham Origins when thugs were given night vision goggles to see through the smoke and detect Batman. In Origins they included Deathstroke as a playable character and used a similar gadget to Batmans with a small flash bomb and similar with Harley in Knight with a laughing gas.


Grapnel Boost

The grapple gun is another must-have on Batmans belt, and while it was introduced in Arkham Asylum it was the boost it was given in Arkham City and Arkham Knight. Allowing players to grapple onto a ledge and quickly pull them to it, the grapnel boost would pull them so much that it would send Batman flying through the air and increase the duration and height he got while gliding. Going from the relatively small Arkham Asylum to the larger Arkham City and even bigger Gotham City, the Grapnel Boost became essential to traveling through your environment and was later even given a takedown method in Arkham Knight.



The one thing every Batman fan dreams of having as their own, the Batmobile. While it made appearances throughout the series, it was in Arkham Knight that finally gave us the opportunity to rev this amazing cars engine. The batmobile was put together brilliantly by the developers of the game, allowing players to drive this monster of a car and use its battle mode against enemy drones. In Arkham Knight, the batmobile feels more like a character in its own right rather than just a car. Its capabilities are endless with its cannon attached to it, the EMP blast and its ability to upload viruses in other drones. Some might say there was too much of it in the game, but why not make it as versatile and efficient as you possibly can.

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