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10 Best Cameos On The Office

The Office might have been known for launching careers of versatile actors such as John Krasinski and also bringing comedic talents like that of Steve Carell to the limelight. Over its journey of nine seasons, many guest stars appeared on The Office, some of them appeared on the show early in the careers and have since gone on to be very popular. Here we have listed 10 of the best guest stars to ever appear on The Office in no particular order.

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1) Will Ferrel

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In season seven, when Michael Scott was preparing to leave Scranton and move to Colorado with Holly, someone took over as manager for Michael and it was Will Ferrel. Although, this stint as office manager didn’t last long.

No one could ever really fill Michael’s shoes on the show, and the character Will Ferrel was playing wasn’t very hilarious and was mostly just annoying. It was lacking for an actor like Will Ferrell.

2) James Spader

James Spader played Robert California for 25 episodes and became CEO of Dunder-Mifflin during these episodes. He was another actor who was brought in after Michael Scott left. His character was not up to the mark, it eventually got boring and tired. His comedic abilities did not fit in the show.

3) Jim Carrey

In season 7, many known faces made brief appearances as Dunder Mifflin Scranton was looking to find a new manager. Actors who appeared in this episode included Ray Romano and Will Arnett, but the most surprising appearance was of Jim Carrey. He played a man who didn’t really have a name and just had a brief appearance and was applying to take over for Michael.

4) Idris Elba

Idris Elba appeared on the show in season four. He was playing Charles Miner who was the Vice President of the Northeast Region. His character was unlikable and uncharismatic and very different than the types of characters Elba plays now. He appeared on the show before he was famous.

He acted as an intermediary between Michael and David Wallace. Michael hated Miner so much that he ended up quitting to start his own paper company during that season.

5) Amy Adams

While Adams is a very successful actress now, she wasn’t as well-known when she appeared on The Office in the first and second seasons. She played Katy, a purse saleswoman who dates Jim for a few episodes. This character was introduced and mostly functioned to show that Jim was really in love with Pam and that no one else was right for him.

6) Joan Cusack

Guest stars making appearances was not a rare sight in The Office. Even in the very last episode, guest stars appeared. In the final episode of the series when the employees of Dunder Mifflin Scranton got together to talk with fans about the documentary they had starred in, Joan Cusack made an appearance playing Erin Hannon’s birth mother. It made sense as most of the characters on the show ended up with happy endings, and Erin got a family, something she wanted the most.

7) Evan Peters

Many people know Evan Peters from his appearances in American Horror Story, but he also appeared in one episode of The Office playing Luke Cooper, Michael Scott’s nephew.

At first, Michael tries to justify his nephew’s poor work ethic but ends up spanking Luke at the end after breaking down when Luke won’t listen to him. This scene was one of the most memorable moments that fans can’t forget.

8) Josh Groban

While most of the stars who appeared on The Office were comedians or other well-known actors, that wasn’t the case always. In season eight, episode four, American singer Josh Groban made an appearance as Andy’s younger brother, Walter Jr. that Andy has always been jealous of. It was definitely a surprise to see Josh Groban make an appearance and sing on the show.

9) Kathy Bates

In season six, Kathy Bates made several appearances in The Office. She plays Jo Bennett, CEO of Sabre, who comes in to buy the company and save Dunder Mifflin Scranton, as it starts to go under financially. Her character of Jo was a good replacement to David Wallace.

10) Ricky Gervais

In season seven (there were a lot of guest stars on this season) as Michael Scott was preparing to leave Scranton, one of the most satisfying guest appearances was made by Ricky Gervais.

Ricky created and starred in the original UK version of The Office. This mini-crossover moment where they both meet and the two get along swimmingly, talking about their comedic characters and joking around, was enjoyable for fans and the best way to connect the two versions of the show.

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