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10 Best Comic Book Weddings, Ranked

10 Best Comic Book Weddings, Ranked

Along with heart wrenching story lines, the comics also bring with them, some really touching moments. Be it a funny banter between your favorite frenemies or the comic book weddings of our most beloved couple, we live for these moments!

Apart from the gripping plot line, what keeps us glued to the comic is the personal lives of the characters. Tony Stark‘s playboy-ish charm, Bruce Banner‘s anger issues or the budding romance between Spidey and his girlfriend, Jane; they all make us even more invested in the comic books.

Weddings of our favorite characters, is probably the best reward for us readers/viewers. From witnessing the superheroes step out of their costumes and adorning the white gown or a tuxedo-to super villains trying to sabotage their big day- these scenes provide us with some of the best moments in the comic. Lets have a look at the 10 best comic book weddings:-

10. Batman and Cat-woman 

scans_daily | BAT/CAT WEDDING! | Batman and catwoman, Batman wedding, Catwoman
The Bat Marries the Cat

Unfortunately, for this couple, wedding was not a bed of roses. Everything that could go wrong, went wrong, on their big day; including, an attack on that church, by Batman’s arch-nemesis, The Joker, that almost killed Cat-woman. In the end, when Batman and his loyal friend Alfred waited for her at the rooftop, Cat-woman never showed up. This created one of the most colossal loss suffered by the protector of the Gotham city.

9. Aunt May and Doctor Octopus

True Believers: Spider-Man - The Wedding of Aunt May & Doc Ock Vol 1 1 | Marvel Database | Fandom
Doc Oc Marries Aunt May

Well, bringing up a child, as special as Peter Parker, is not an easy task, but Aunt May, indeed, did a splendid job. After Uncle Ben’s unfortunate demise, and Peter moving out, Aunt may was left lonely. But fortunately, not long after, she found companionship, in Otto Octavious, who was famously known as Doctor Octopus.

8. Donna Troy and Terry Long

Pin on I do... Comic Book Weddings
A Momentous Teen Titan Wedding

Swarmed with suitors, Donna Troy, seemed to rule the hearts of several young heroes; including Wally West and Dick Grayson, popularly known as Kid Flash and Nightwing. But instead of falling for one of them, Donna Troy gave her heart to a simple college professor, named Terry Long, who was ten years senior to her. Their’s was among the best comic book weddings. It was a happy event and with almost every DC superhero, on their guard, no villain decided to show up!

But as ill luck would have it, their union was short lived, as threats of an inevitable tragedy, loomed large over their heads.

7. Luke Cage and Jessica Jones

Luke Cage married Jessica Jones
Luke Cage ties the knot with Jessica Jones

Jessica and Luke are seen ditching the whole will-they-won’t-they trope, and getting straight to business. They started off as friends with benefits, but soon fell for each other, harder than even they could imagine.

Their wedding day almost got ruined by the Super-Adaptoid, but if The Avengers are present, there can hardly be any harm done. The couple enjoyed their day, without any disturbance.

6. Northstar and Kyle Jinadu

Northstar and Kyle Jinadu's Wedding – Comicnewbies
The X-Men Gay couple to Watch out for

Be it breaking the bones of the bad guys, or breaking stereotypes, no one can do it better than Northstar and Kyle. Northstar made history as the first openly gay superhero, he also made history, when he married his longtime partner Kyle. Apart from being a gay couple, they are also a mixed race couple, which is uncommon in comic book weddings.

5. Cyclops and Jean Grey

The Wedding Issue: Scott Summers and Jean Grey
This didn’t last Long

The wedding of Cyclops and Jean Grey, from X-MEN was probably the most awaited one. The fans were elated when, in 1994’s X-MEN #30 these two decided to tie the knot. Unfortunately, the marriage didn’t last long.

4. Mister Fantastic and Invisible Woman

Things I like | Alex ross, Mister fantastic, Marvel superheroes
Reed marries Sue

Marvel took its own sweet time to officially announce, Mister Fantastic and Invisible women as a couple. They were a couple, even before the fans met them. Their wedding was attended by Nick Fury, the X-MEN and the Avengers.

3. Archie and Betty/Archie and Veronica 

The Archie Wedding: Archie in Will You Marry Me? The Married Life Series: Uslan, Michael, Goldberg, Stan: Books
Archie’s Dilemna

In a seven story issue, the Archie comics presented two possible futures of Archie Andrews. In the first three story we see what could have happened, if Archie married Veronica and in the remaining stories we see his future with Betty. However, in reality neither of the marriages actually take place.

2. Spider-Man and Mary Jane

The Wedding Issue: Mary Jane Watson and Peter Parker - WWAC
Spidey and MJ finally Tied the knot

No amount of ups and downs could keep Peter Parker and Mary Jane apart. When the news of their wedding first came out, the fans went gaga over them. Such was the craze, that some fans got to watch them, tie the knot, LIVE in Shea Stadium before a Mets game.

1. Super-Man and Lois Lane

The Wedding Issue Grand Finale: Superman and Lois Lane - WWAC
Clark Weds Lois

After a series of fake comic book weddings, Super-Man and Lois Lane, finally tied the knot in 1996. Unfortunately, this plot line didn’t go down well with the viewers. The show makers witnessed a huge drop in the viewership. This also resulted in the cancellation of the TV show at the end of the fourth season.

So, did your favorite couple make it to our top 10 list?