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10 Best Marvel Comics Sidekicks

10 Best Marvel Comics Sidekicks 1

Our heroes of the Marvel universe can’t always win their fights alone, and that’s when they need their sidekicks. Here’s our pick of the 10 best sidekicks in Marvel comics.

Even the best of our heroes fall in situations where they need a support system to carry out their missions. Marvel Comics might be having a longstanding comic book history but it hasn’t added a huge amount of sidekicks to its array of superheroes. Iconic characters in DC Comics like Robin, Speedy, and Kid Flash have been some of the best associates to their chiefs and rightly defined the virtues essential for being a good sidekick.
Marvel has created some of the most versatile counterparts for their heroes who have become larger characters than pictured. It would be one hundred percent right to say that behind every great superhero, there’s an equally great sidekick.
Today, we’re taking a look at the 10 best sidekicks in Marvel Comics.

10. Bob, Agent Of HYDRA

Capture 4

Bob who is an agent of HYDRA is a longtime friend of Deadpool. His wife Allison accused him of being useless and incapable of holding a job. He served as a member of Hydra until he first Deadpool in “Cable & Deadpool” #38 where Deadpool assailed the Hydra base he was placed at to save the captured Agent X. It is said that Deadpool often takes advantage of Bob and makes him do lots of obnoxious tasks

9. Foggy Nelson

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Franklin Foggy Nelson was Matt Murdock’s roommate at Columbia Law before eventually transferring to Harvard Law School together. Matt Murdock who is more commonly known as Daredevil hid Foggy from his alternate identity for years. Although the two have had their ups and downs of friendship, Foggy never fails to aid Murdock in needy times and keeps him grounded. Without his faithful partner, the Daredevil wouldn’t have been able to carry out his missions in Hell’s Kitchen.

8. Alpha

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Alpha was introduced originally in “Amazing Spider-Man” #692, by writer Dan Slott. Although Spiderman is known for carrying out his missions alone, he has very recently resolved on keeping a counterpart with him alongside.  Andrew Maguire just another ordinary student attending Midtown High. a small accident led him to discover his ability to create hyper-kinetic energy using the forces of the universe

7. Groot

guardians of the galaxy header

In a team full of misfit heroes known as the Guardians of the Galaxy, Groot might just appear to be an anthropomorphic tree who can only say his own name. However, he has been a savior to GOTG and close friend of Rocket the raccoon. With Groot’s power of regeneration, he often sacrifices himself only to later have Rocket regrow him.

6. Dum Dum Dugan


Known to have joined the Nick Fury-led Howling Commandos, an elite group of soldiers that fought the Nazis during World War II, Dum Dum Dugan has served Fury dignity and respect for decades. He was killed during a mission back in the 1950s but Fury showed his respect towards the martyred one and got him reincarnated to a Life Model Decoy.

5. Kitty Pryde

marvels x men relaunch transforms kitty pryde into the new w a4e1

A mutant, a ninja, and a computer genius, Kitty Pryde is also known as Sprite and Shadowcat. Soon after she joined the X-Men, Wolverine took her under his wing and taught her the ways of life. It’s because of the time she spent with him that she became a skillful fighter and learned operating a sword.  With the ability to phase through solid objects Kitty has aided Wolverine in the adventures of Kitty Pryde and Wolverine, a six-issue comic.

4. Wong

hand ninja v doctor strange wong

Wong is a descendant of the Chinese monk Kan, who long ago swore that he and all of his family’s first-born sons would serve the Sorcerer Supreme. Wong has lived and trained under The Ancient One since the age of four and dedicated his life to learning both mystical and martial arts. When Wong grew up, he was sent to serve The Ancient One’s apprentice Doctor Strange. Wong might have a limited amount of magic powers but he excels in hand to hand combat. In the comics, an event of his fight with Strange has also been recorded but the two later made peace.

3. Bucky Barnes


The Winter Soldier has gone from being a hackneyed character of a bygone age to being one of the most popular characters of modern comics. Bucky Barnes was possibly the first sidekick in the Marvel Universe. He served by Captain America’s side during WWII. Bucky and Steve Rogers grew like brothers who left no stone unturned to protect one another. Cap was in fact heartbroken when his old friend Bucky died who was later revived by the Russians to use as a weapon. It had overall been a roller-coaster ride until Bucky subsequently took up the mantle of Captain America.

2. War Machine

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The character made its debut in the comic “Iron Man” #118. It was when Tony Stark’s helicopter was shot down when James Rhode came to his aid for the first time. The two later shared a number of relationships. Stark offered Rhodey a job as his pilot which he happily accepted and eventually received his own armor, thereby becoming “War Machine.” The two formed a brotherhood after the countless times they went into combat together. Whether it’s Tony’s emotional stress or work-related, Rhodey has been his closest confidant who has had his back since time.

1. Falcon

cap and falcon

Sam Wilson was an orphan who abandoned his life as a community volunteer and turned to a life of crime. On his way to Rio deJaenrio for a job, his plane crashed on an island which led to a series of events for him. He met his to-be chief Captain America. The vicious Red Skull pits Falcon against Cap, but Cap convinces Wilson to turn against him, and they team up vanquishing the Red Skull. The modern-day tech which falcon uses was gifted to him by Tony Stark. Falcon who has kicked-ass with Ca through thick and thin is our pick of the number one sidekick of the Marvel Universe.


Make sure to let us know in the comments who your favorite duo of the Marvel Universe is!

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