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10 Best Quotes From Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse

This 2018 American computer-animated superhuman film is one of the most strong animations which was praised by fans all over the world. Without a doubt, the best part of this film is its animation. It’s the combined talents of 140 animators all working to mix computer-animation with traditional hand-drawn comic book techniques that makes this film a literal sight to behold.

Everything in this movie is exactly on point, the characters are engaging, the story is complex and real, the voice acting is on point as well. A small detail that made a huge difference was the use of the soundtrack in the film. Each song somehow carefully reflects a key aspect of the film, whether blatantly obvious or a little harder to realize. This film was dedicated to the memories of the creators of Spider-Man, Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, and this film couldn’t have honored them in any better way. Here we have compiled the 10 best quotes from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

10) “We’re A Little Team! Me As The Teacher Who Could Still Do It. You As The Student Who Can Do It, Just Not As Good. I’m Proud Of Us.”

The first time Miles and Peter B. met, they didn’t really get along. Peter B. Parker’s motive was to return to his dimension rather than help Miles save his world, which he didn’t think he was experienced enough to do on his own. However, after escaping from Olivia Octavius, they realized that the two of them actually work well together. Peter B. saw potential in Miles.

9) “The Real Spider-Man Couldn’t Even Beat Me. You’re Nothing! You Took My Family. And Now I’m Gonna Make Sure You Never See Yours Again.”

In the movie, Kingpin’s motive was to bring his wife, Vanessa, and son, Richard back from another dimension as they died while running away from Kingpin when they got to know about his villain side. After Kingpin killed Peter Parker, his hatred passed onto Miles.

8) “Venom-Strike Me Right Now, Or Turn Invisible On Command So You Can Get Past Me. Look, I Know How Much You Want This, Kid, But You Don’t Have It Yet. I’m Sorry.”

Peter B. Parker saw potential in Miles and wanted to see him become a hero, but what held him back was the fact that Miles was still inexperienced. He had to be realistic. It was clear as to when he said these words, Miles couldn’t prove it. However, later in the film we get to see Miles catching up to his friends and save all of them once he started believing in himself.

7) “Hello, Mr. Fisk. I’ve Got The Security Tapes From The Tunnel Right Here. If The Kid’s Out There, I’ll Find Him. You Know Me, Sir. I Don’t Ever Quit.”

Miles’ Uncle Aaron and his dad had their conflicts. Despite all that, Uncle Aaron was his role model. The two shared a special bond. A twist that caught the viewers by surprise was the fact that Uncle Aaron was the Prowler. Miles was just as shocked as the audience was when he got to know that his role model was one of his enemies.

6) “I Know How Hard This Is, To Have To Figure This Stuff Out On Your Own. It’s Kinda Nice Not Being The Only Spider-Person Around.”

Uncle Aaron was not the only one who knew Miles’ biggest secret, even Gwen, who was Spider-man from another dimension, knew about his secret. In her dimension, she was able to save everyone except her best friend, Peter Parker. She decided to not have friends anymore. However, after being friends with Miles, she learned the value of a friend again.

5) “Aaron, It’s Jeff. Look, I Need You To Call Me If You’ve Heard From Miles. He Has A- He Has A Soft Spot For You And We Haven’t Heard From Him, And You Know I Wouldn’t Reach Out If This Wasn’t Important. Hope You’re Good.”

Because of how busy Miles became and his father’s hatred for Spider-Man, Miles’ dad and Miles were drifted apart. He didn’t talk to his parents for quite some time. Obviously, his parents were worried, so his dad called his uncle Aaron, putting their conflict aside which was very hard for him. Even Aaron was busy being the Prowler, he couldn’t get back to his brother.

4) “My Favorite Thing About Peter Is That He Made Us Each Feel Powerful. We All Have Powers Of One Kind Or Another. But In Our Own Way, We Are All Spider-Man. And We’re All Counting On You.”

After the death of Peter Parker, the true identity of Spider-man was revealed to citizens of New York. his wife, Mary Jane, said these words to inspire each citizen to feel heroic and not lose hope.

3) “But I See This Spark In You. It’s Amazing. It’s Why I Push You. But It’s Yours. Whatever You Choose To Do With It, You’ll Be Great. Look, Call Me When You Can, Okay? I Love You. You Don’t Have To Say It Back, Though.”

With everything going on in Miles’ life, he was distanced from his father. After Aaron’s death, Miles’ dad Jeff, realized that he doesn’t want to repeat things he had with Aaron and goes to Miles to talk it out, but Miles was tied by Peter B. Parker at that time so he couldn’t respond to him.

2) “When I Feel Alone, Like No One Understands What I’m Going Through, I Remember My Friends Who Get It. I Never Thought I’d Be Able To Do Any Of This Stuff, But I Can. Anyone Can Wear The Mask. You Could Wear The Mask.”

All through the film, the main Spider-individuals had a monologue that clarified their backstories. Peter Parker had his initially, Peter B. Parker subsequent to being presented, and Gwen when she uncovered who she truly was. Eventually, Miles had the chance to have his own. He talked about everything that he was able to do after defeating Kingpin. He likewise showed fans a decent exercise, that they could be a hero themselves.

1) “I Let You Down. You’re The Best Of All Of Us, Miles. You’re On Your Way. Just Keep Going. Just Keep Going.”

One of the saddest moments of the film was when Aaron died. He was sent by Kingpin to kill Spider-men but when he was about to kill Miles, he revealed his true identity, to which Aaron was shocked. Kingpin was tired of waiting and then shot Aaron. These were his dying words to Miles, words that would inspire him to become New York’s next hero.


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Written by Farhan Asif

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