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10 Best Spies We Have In The DC Comics

10 Best Spies We Have In The DC Comics

DC Comics have tons of undercover agents. Here’s our pick of the top 10:

For us comic enthusiasts, espionage is our go-to genre for thrilling reads. The literature which deals with surveillance and spying as an important context or plot device never really gets the respect it deserves. It takes a highly skilled and acrobatic spy to infiltrate any environment and situation to catch the vicious one. Grab your suits and take your ride as we are about to meet the top 10 DC spies who have carried out some strenuous operations.

10) Alfred Pennyworth

Batman 75 Alfred Pennyworth Believes In Bruce Wayne

You might view this British man like Bruce Wayne’s butler and legal guardian, but true comic fanatics know what an extensive career the former has had as a spy in the British Secret Service. Batman’s true ally who raised the young orphan was employed as the Wayne family valet when Bruce Wayne’s parents were killed. Alfred who is a retired agent, followed the deathbed request of his ailing father, Jarvis Beagle, to carry on the custom of serving the Wayne Family. However, before taking up his post of Bruce Wayne’s butler, Alfred served in World War II as a member of the S.A.S and worked to free those oppressed by the Nazi regime.

9) John Lynch

john lynch wildstorm

American spy John Lynch was once a top agent of International Operations worked later lead the Team 7, a black-ops military unit working for the U.S. Government. The elements of John Lynch’s character history got a little altered after DC launched the New 52 comic series. Appearing in the Wildstorm Universe, Lynch is the retired leader of Team 7, once director of I.O, guide to Gen13, and the father of Burnout. He was exposed to an experimental matter called the Gen-Factor which gave him metaphysically powerful abilities. In the New 52 comic series, Lynch is again the head of Team 7, which he shapes for his own good.

8) Nemesis

Thomas Tresser Prime Earth 001

Master of disguise and the alter ego of Tom Tresser, Nemesis was a vigilante, turned operative of the U.S. government. His character was created by Cary Burkett and Dan Spiegle and featured for the first time in The Brave and the Bold #166. (1980). Tom Tresser’s brother Craig plays a key role in why the former took the alias of Nemesis. He alongside batman infiltrated The Council, a secret organization, and cleared his brother’s name who was brainwashed and charged into committing murder by the clandestine group.

7) Black Canary

A superhero vigilante, Black Canary is one of DC’s oldest characters. Making her first appearance in the comics in 1947, Black Canary’s real name is Dinah Lance. With a strong skillful mind and excellent combat expertise, Before her career as a musician took off, Black Canary spent most of her time trying to make living by doing odd jobs in Gotham City. Black Canary usually chooses to fight alongside her long-time love interest Green-Arrow. Most notably she has been a member of several superhero groups like the Justice Society, the Justice League, Team Arrow, and the Birds of Prey.

6) Amanda Waller

comics amanda waller dc comics

Founder of the infamous Task Force X or as you better know it, Suicide Squad, Amanda Waller is an influential figure who has been linked with numerous espionages and law enforcement agencies. Nicknamed ‘The Wall’ for her unyielding traits and stubbornness, Waller is one of the most feared and respected people in the U.S. Government. Although she’s not a field operative in the world of undercovers, Amanda Waller knows how to get data in a furtive way, which makes her an efficient authority in the spy game.

5) Batman


Batman is obviously more than just a spy. When a situation calls for it, the caped crusader leaves no stone unturned in bringing justice to his Gotham City. With the art of infiltrating any environment, Batman has the highest-end tech to support his missions. Once the Dark Knight developed a sonar-based technology that enabled him to spy on the whole town through people’s phones.

4) King Faraday

King Faraday Prime Earth 0001

With a service record of the most known intelligence forces like the Central Bureau of Intelligence, Checkmate, and the Suicide Squad, King Faraday is an ex-soldier and a spy agent of the United States Government. Making his appearance for the first time Danger Trail #1, King Faraday has been a part of the DC Universe since the 1950s. He is skilled enough to have worked alongside batman in capturing two-face. A lesser known fact about Faraday is that he is also an Olympic level athlete.

3) Maxwell Lord

Maxwell Lord Earth 1 001

One of the world’s greatest spymaster, a powerful business magnate, and manager of the Justice League International, Maxwell Lord was born to be a rich heir. His father was the CEO of a pharmaceutical company. With the aid of an alien computer, Maxwell Lord created his own Justice League of metahumans who functioned not only in America but internationally. He is also the founder of the covert organization Checkmate.

2) Night Shade

Nightshade shadowpact 39501693 1024 473

Night Shade was a character DC acquired from Charlton comics. Eve Eden who goes by her superhero name Night Shade has the ability to handle darkness. She’s capable of becoming a living shadow and can open portals anywhere by traveling through a shadow dimension. Nightshade has her share of the story revolving around Amanda Waller’s Suicide Squad. She was assigned by Waller to infiltrate a terrorist group called Jihad. Although she succeeded in her mission, Night Shade was disgusted at working with the Suicide Squad as it was full of criminals.

1) Dick Grayson

Dick Grayson

When his identity was disclosed to the world, Richard John Grayson a.k.a Dick Grayson resolved to drop his Nightwing identity. However, before becoming Nightwing, Grayson was Batman’s close aid who worked as his sidekick by the name Robin. Sent to infiltrate the Syndicate by Batman himself, Grayson got his cover blown up and decided to do take over the task using his own steps. Grayson has agility and speed that are practically at a superhuman level.

Make sure to let us know in the comments below who your number one detective from the DC Universe is!

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