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10 Best Teen Romances You Can Watch On Netflix

Yes! Netflix is not just a home to dark sci-fi thrillers and documentaries. The streaming platform has a great collection of feel-good movies as well. In recent years, Netflix has catered to the younger audience with a plethora of exciting teenage rom-coms. These films broke away from the cliché “mean girl” spirit and dived into novelty. Valentine’s Day is not far away, but who needs a festival to watch this awesome high-school romantic-comedy? So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the 10 best teen romances that you can watch on Netflix. It’s time to get inside the blankets, order in pizza and CHILL. Let us know if we missed any.

Alex Strangelove

alex strangelove
This rom-com takes us on a hilarious ride of entertainment, comedy, and love twists, all at the same time. Alex Truelove takes his relationship to the next level when he and his girlfriend lose their virginity to each other. However, he is put in a predicament when he gets attracted to a good-looking and charming boy at a party. We guarantee that you’ll have an enjoyable time watching these delightful characters and their goof ups.

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before (And P.S. I Still Love You)

to all the boys
The latest teen rom-com that stole the top spot of “Mean Girls” is this Netflix movie. We get to explore a completely new adventure where Lara’s past secret love letters are sent out to all her ex-crushes. Its massive success encouraged the makers to go ahead with the sequel “To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You”. The franchise is set to return with the third part in 2021 and we trust that it will retain its charm. From Lara Jean’s hilarious encounters with her old crushes to her amazing wardrobe, every element makes this comedy the best of the best.

The Half Of It

You must have heard of the smart kids doing homework for others in the class. But in this case, Ellie Chu, a shy but talented student, helps a classmate by writing letters for him so he can impress a girl. As she communicates with her Ellie gradually begins to feel a spark between them.

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Tall Girl

tall girl
Dating has been hard for Jody as she is the tallest girl in her high school. She finally becomes hopeful to find love when a tall and handsome foreign exchange student joins their class. But as she tries to woo this student, Jody’s perception about herself begins to change. She realizes that it was her insecurities that pulled her down all this while.

The Kissing Booth 1 and 2

the kissing booth
Watching romantic dramas is not everyone’s cup of tea, but who can say no to a light-hearted rom-com? “The Kissing Booth” is the ideal film to watch during a stayover while you are tucked in a cozy blanket. Joey King’s goofiness and Jacob Elordi’s handsome presence, along with light humour and twists, are exactly what the doctor suggested.

The Prom

the prom
The latest addition to this colourful and bright list of heartfelt movies for the young adult is “The Prom”. This musical comedy released in 2020 and depicts the mission of a teenage girl who is prohibited from taking her girlfriend to the prom. She finds a team of Broadway actors who come all the way to support her in this battle.


Let It Snow

Not just Valentine’s Day, this warm-hearted drama is the perfect choice for Christmas with a cup of hot cocoa. It chronicles the relationship and friendship between three different high school couples in a small Midwestern town. Everything you look for in a romantic and holiday-themed film will be fulfilled in this charming story.

Candy Jar

candy jar
The concept of two rivals eventually falling in love never gets old. When a hardworking girl teams up with a wealthy classmate, her opinions about him slowly begin to change. The cold union slowly blossoms into an affectionate friendship as they learn more about each other.

All The Bright Places

bright places
“All The Bright Places” explores concepts that go beyond love and chemistry. Two teenagers try to battle mental illness as they are still haunted by their traumatic past. Elle Fanning and Justice Smith’s soulful performances are bound to shake you emotionally.

When We First Met

when we first met
This romcom blends with the strange twist of time travel. When Noah finds out that the woman of his dreams just got engaged, he travels back in time to set everything right. Noah gets the opportunity to redo the night over and over again until he can alter the way they first met.


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