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10 Biggest Scandals And Disputes Of The MCU.

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For years now Marvel has been one of the most successful studios in the entire film industry.

And for many decades Marvel has tried keeping a low profile, maintaining a healthy image by staying out of several controversies by wearing the mask of social responsibilities, to be looked upon as the house of superheroes.

But gradually somehow the MCU gets stuck in several scandals one way or the other.

And after all, if our vigorous heroes can make a blunder in the movies, why can’t the actors playing them make such blunders.

10. Brie Larson’s Comment:

Captain Marvel’s star Brie Larson, who plays Captain Marvel in the movie, has not yet won many fans.

And the reason behind it is the controversies she has gained after her rational comment that “white-men” interests her more.

This offended a lot of people as they thought she was trying to promote social injustice.

Brie Larson at a Marvel event

9. Terrence Howard:

One of the biggest controversies that ever happened in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Was When Iron-Man 1 was released in the year 2008; Terrence Howard was the one who played the role of war-machine. And due to RDJ’s lack of reputation, he was paid more than Robert.

But when the movie became a massive hit due to Robert Downey Jr’s extraordinary performance, he was made the face of Marvel Studios, moving Howard aside and cutting down his fee’s leading him to leave the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Terrence Howard in Iron Man 1

8. White-washing the ancient one:

Controversies have taken place in The MCU since forever, though it’s trying hard enough to swim out of it.

But not long ago The Marvel was criticized for their choice of role in one of their movies.

We all know that in the comics of Doctor Strange, the Ancient One was an Asian Male, but when the movie got released it had something else for its fans as Tilda Swinton was hired to play the role of Ancient one which many comic books fans didn’t like.

Tilda Swinton playing the role of Ancient One

7. Natalie Portman & Patty Jenkins Exit:

The Lady behind the success of Wonder Women was Patty Jenkins, its director.

When Natalie Portman was cast to play Jane Foster she agreed to play the role only if Jenkins was the produce the film.

And The Marvel Cinematic Universe did assent to hire her but due to a sustained difference forced her to drop out of the movie, which in turn disappointed Natalie and she too walked away from MCU.

But when Taika Waititi the director of Thor: Ragnarok assured Natalie to return to Marvel of The fourth franchise of Thor.

Controversies in the MCU

6. Jeremy Renner:

The Marvel Movies have always been strict when it comes to the pg13 boundary.

But Jeremy Renner, the actor who plays Hawkeye, made Marvel pay off well by putting it in a huge scandal.

As Jeremy in an interview called Black Widow a sl*t and then laughed about it shameless.

Jeremy Renner in action as Hawkeye

5. Edward Norton’s Tiff With Marvel:

As we all know that there have been two actors to play the Big Green Monster who we love and call Hulk; Edward Norton and Mark Ruffalo are the two actors to play the Hulk.

Edward was the one who started the as the big green monster in the movie the incredible hulk but unfortunately was replaced by Mark Ruffalo in the future movie for Marvel.

And the reason behind it was that Norton had some different ideas for the movie, but when the movie was finally released it was not per his expectations and he didn’t go for the promotions making him be drove out of Marvel.

edward norton incredible hulk bruce banner 2

4. James Gunn‘s Tweet:

An incident that happened years ago, when the guardians of galaxy director James Gunn was fired by Disney on violating Disney’s un-flexible policy on the grounds of scandals.

The reason was James made an offensive tweet that made him lose his contract with Disney.

But eventually, he was fully supported by actor Dave Bautista and Chris Pratt, which made Disney rehire him.

james gunn

3. Idris Elba:

Idris Elba is one of the finest and talented actors.

But it seems like that the MCU was not at all able to keep this British actor happy in their court.

And the reason behind it was that Elba was not at all happy about his costume in the MCU and also despised his role as Heimdall in both the Thor franchises and for years tried to convince his agent to get him out of the franchise until Thor Ragnarok.

Idris Elba %E2%80%93 Heimdall

2. Spider-man’s Home Return:

When Spider-Man Far From home ended on a cliff-hanger, but after the end of the movie a dispute between Disney and Sony came off.

Which started in a fight as to who would have Spider-Man’s custody, but eventually after a long battle, Tom Holland somehow managed to save the dispute between the two.

Spider Man

1. Limitation On Joss Whedon:

With the past few years, we have all learned one thing from Marvel and that is it puts a hell lot of pressure on building up the storyline of the future and not focusing on the present.

And that’s what happened with The Director of Avengers: Age of Ultron Joss Whedon as the half plot of the movie was about the mind stone and Wanda’s visions that were the major part of future movies but it somehow squander the main potential of the Age of Ultron Movie.

Joss Whedon filming Avengers Age of Ultron


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