10 Bizarre Accidents On Movie Sets That Scared The Actors


Making a movie is not like our regular 9-5 desk job. Being on the set makes you prone to danger as there are stunts, heavy machinery, dancing and angry costars. Most actors end up getting injured by one of the mentioned things.  But the following shooting incidents were way too freaky and odd for regular days. These unlikely events clearly seem like the acts of god. So, without further ado, let us find out the 10 bizarre accidents on movie sets that scared the actors.

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Expendables 3



Jason Statham’s real life is no less adventurous than his action movies. He was driving a truck for “Expendables 3” when it lost its brakes. The “Fast and Furious” star was left with no other option but to jump out of the moving truck before it dropped into 60 feet deep Black Sea.

The Eagle

the eagle channign tatum


Don’t know which is worse; freezing to death or getting your junk burned. Channing Tatum and the rest of the actors were supposed to get into icy cold water on the freezing pasture of Scotland according to the script. Crew members brought them warm water so the actors could pour it over themselves to prevent hypothermia. Unfortunately, Channing’s attendant got him boiling water which scalded his …. dude.

Now You See Me

now you see me


One of the most popular stunt scenes in “Now You See Me” is the part where Isla Fisher breaks free from a water tank. Everyone, including the directors and her costars appreciated her realistic delivery. But later, she revealed that the struggle was real and none of it was acting. Isla was genuinely drowning because of a chain and tried to signal the crew. Unfortunately, they thought that she “was being Meryl Streep in the tank”.

The Hobbit



The filming of “The Hobbit” was struck by something terrible and unexpected. About 27 animals on the movie set died after falling into a sinkhole. They were resting over a piece of land which cracked open one night and consumed the poor animals.

The Passion Of The Christ

passion of the christ


No one can explain what went wrong on the sets of the controversial film “The Passion of the Christ”. Jim Caviezel, who was portraying Jesus Christ, battled an unending series of health emergencies. He endured dislocated bones and pneumonia while he was on the set. Furthermore, Jim was struck by lightning more than once during the crucifixion scene. Some of the staff even claimed seeing sparks and flame coming out of his head.

The Lone Ranger

the lone ranger


Johnny Depp was riding on a horse for a scene in “The Lone Ranger” when it suddenly threw him off its back. The horse whose calm mood had already taken a wild turn wasn’t done with Depp. The actor had barely lifted his head from the ground when he saw the horse standing over him and realized that it was going to gallop its hooves on his chest.  Depp quickly rolled away in “Pirates of the Caribbean” kinda’ style and got rescued in a second’s time.

Thor: The Dark World

lady sif thor


Getting blasted might be a mosquito bite for an Asgardian warrior like Lady Sif. But for a regular human actress like Jamie Alexander, tripping over the stairs can be quite menacing. She destructed 11 vertebrae after falling from a slippery staircase. Fortunately, the actress recovered but it took her over a month to get out of bed and restart shooting.

Die Another Day

die another day


Playing out a steamy scene with the James Bond left Halle Berry choking on whatever she was chewing. According to sources, Halle accidentally sucked in the fig when Pierce Brosnan made a bold move.




This apocalypse-themed movie faced its own share of spooky disasters while filming. One of the worst decisions by the filmmakers was to shoot the entire movie on an actual sea in Hawaii. They had to pay a huge price for it as more than half of the crew got seasick and stung by jellyfish. Their shoot was also interrupted by a cyclone which got worse after a stuntman got lost in it. It took hours before the Coast Guard rescued him.

The Wizard of Oz

wizard of oz


“The Wizards of Oz” is a children’s movie that became a nightmare for the crew and cast behind the scenes. The reality behind the colourful and magical world turned out to be too fatal and grim. Several actors endured skin boils and allergic rashes caused by the scorching temperatures at the set and the costumes. The person who suffered the most was actress Margaret Hamilton who portrayed the Wicked Witch. Her inflammable makeup and costume caught fire and left her with critical burns.





Written by Ipshita Barua