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10 Breathtaking Silver Banshee Cosplay

” I Was Denied Vengeance, Just As I Was Denied Power. But Now I Shall Have Both.”- Silver Banshee

Superman’s super hearing isn’t always a plus point if Sliver Banshee is around. Created By John Byrne in Action Comics issue #595 Silver Banshee was a part of 1986 Superman reboot. She soon became a recurring foe to Superman and recently has been posing a threat to the Women of Steel i.e. Supergirl. Her powers include strength and, most notably, her deadly voice. Her noticeable, haunting designs have made many gender-bent fans to cosplay her, and many of them have successfully created quite convincing costumes. So today at Fandom Wire we are going to look at those 10 breath-taking Silver Banshee cosplays.

1 Cosplay By Fran Martin:

2 Cosplay By Jenny Billington:

3 Cosplay By Leyna Sweet:

4 Cosplay By Naga Zmeyuka:

5 Cosplay By Felidae:

6 Cosplay By Drew-Ashlyn:

7 Cosplay By Mae And Jenny Billington:

8 Cosplay By Lhars Ebersold:

9 Cosplay By Caterina Aguilar:

10 Cosplay By Celena Bleu:


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