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10 Celebrities Who Spent A Fortune on Giving Themselves A Transformation



Amanda Seyfried

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Celebrities Who Underwent Transformation

She rose to fame for playing the role of Karen Smith in Mean Girls and has been a part of showbiz from a very young age. Even though you might remember seeing her all gorgeous from the start, Amanda Seyfried has had rhinoplasty, chin implants, and more. Before or after, we adore this American beauty.

Megan Fox

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She’s popular in showbiz for her flawless looks and figure. According to a report, Megan stated that the makers of the Transformers franchise roped her in only for her hotness. She was dropped from the franchise after this controversial statement was out. Megan has apparently spent about $60,000 on her nose, breast implants, and Botox to get sharper features.

Fandomwire Video


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Unarguably the most expected face on our list, the Kardashians have been long known for getting facial and body transforms. It’s like they’ve become the personification of surgeries. From cheekbones to breast implants, Kylie Jenner’s plastic surgery journey began when she was 17 years old. From Kim to Khloé, every Kardashian is a promoter of beauty technology.


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Celebrities Who Underwent Transformation

One of the most respected stars in the musical arena, Rihanna has sparked rumors of undergoing both facial and breast surgery. She was adorable from the start and still looks flawless despite the surgeries if you compare her past photos.


Cardi B

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Rap icon Cardi B looked a lot different in her younger years than how you see her today. After earning the fortune that she has made today, Cardi B spent over $40K just to fix her teeth. In 2018, the rapper revealed that she’d gotten a breast lift and liposuction.

Nicki Minaj

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She’s the alpha, the omega everything in between. Nicki Minaj who’s widely known as the queen of rap has been long suspected of getting plastic implants on her hips.  According to some reports, she has spent over $20,000 in order to transfer fat to her chest and other body parts.

Demi Moore

Celebrities Who Underwent Transformation

80s diva Demi Moore is still defying age with her beauty standards. She turned 59 last week but looks no more than 40. However, Demi has long faced rumors of getting plastic surgery. According to various sources,  she has spent around $500,000 on her knee wrinkles.


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Who would believe she’s 75? The musician icon of the 80s has openly admitted to getting surgeries and facelifts on a regular basis for $700 to look more youthful. She has had multiple facelifts and skin resurfacing without looking overdone.

Bruce Jenner

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In 2015, during an interview with 20/20, Bruce Jenner came out as a trans woman. Bruce underwent cosmetic surgery, and ultimately a complete sex reassignment surgery in January 2017. A former Olympic medalist, Bruce spent close to $4 million dollars on facial, botox, chest surgery, and eyelid lifts.


Lil Kim

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Celebrities Who Underwent Transformation

She conquered hearts across the globe with her talents and appearance, but Lil Kim was never satisfied with her own appearance. The “Magicstick” rapper has admitted to getting a nose job, skin bleach, and breast implants.


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