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10 Celebs Who Attended College After Fame

10 Celebs Who Attended College After Fame

Since childhood, we thought that school and colleges were a ticket to a good career and heavy bank balance. Would you burn the midnight oil to submit your projects if you were earning millions of dollars every month? These Hollywood celebs have proved that education has more to do with money. While money was bread and butter to them, education was a stone to sharpen their minds. Despite the coveted fame, villas, and million-dollar net-worth, they had a burning passion to learn more. The only way to quench their thirst for knowledge was by making time out of their busy schedule to go to college. Find out the 10 celebs who attended college after fame.

Eva Longoria

eva longoria

The face of “Desperate Housewives” aimed to have it all. After making a successful career and fame with the show, Eva went back to college to do her masters. She knew that life had more to offer than money and glamour. Even though her busy life acted as a hurdle, Eva managed to complete her masters from California State University Northridge.

America Ferrera

america ferrera

America Ferrera is one of the most beloved and multitalented stars of Hollywood. She has achieved success both as an actress and a director. America always wanted to become an actress and even made a successful career out of it from a young age. The sitcom star from “Ugly Betty” and “Superstore” shared on Twitter when she returned to college for further studies. She went to USC for international relations after her breakthrough role in “Real Women Have Curves” and is thankful for that decision, as it opened her eyes to the real and larger side of the world.

Emma Watson

emma watson

Every Harry Potter and Emma Watson fan knows how she is synonymous with her onscreen character. Be it Robert Downey Jr. and Tony Stark or Emma and Hermione Granger, it’s way too difficult to separate the pair. Education was a top priority for Hermione above anything else. She wouldn’t compromise on it even if it was the end of the world. Similarly, Emma Watson was the most scholarly kid on the sets of “Harry Potter”. She ensured that they got access to education and a tutor while shooting at the Warner Bros. studios. However, getting private tutoring isn’t the same as studying in a classroom. Despite earning worldwide fame, Emma took a break from Hollywood to study English literature at Brown University.

Natalie Portman

natalie portman

Natalie achieved success at a very young age because of her unmatched talents and skills. But the “Star Wars” and “Black Swan” actress wasn’t satisfied and wanted to achieve more. She enrolled herself at Harvard University and successfully earned a degree in arts in psychology. The actress is clearly an all-rounder who can excel in anything she sets her eyes on.

Dakota Fanning

dakota fanning

Forget about celebs going to college after becoming famous. Here is Dakota Fanning, who became a sensational star even before she was double digits year old. Unlike other child stars who descend to wild child mode, Dakota took her school seriously. She prioritized her studies and landed at the prestigious NYU.

Tyra Banks

tyra banks

The supermodel exudes an admirable personality apart from her mesmerizing beauty. Being one of the top supermodels is a super-demanding job. Despite her busy schedule with shooting, exercise, and tours, Tyra decided to pursue an MBA from Harvard Business School. We can see how it expanded her horizon as she tapped on her fame to create the famous show “America’s Next Top Model”.

Miranda Cosgrove

miranda cosgrove

Miranda became a well-known actress from her show “iCarly” on Nickelodeon. As soon as the series ended, the young woman made it a goal to crack her dream college. She got through the University of Southern California and passed out from there with flying colours.

Julia Stiles

julia styles

While the acting was a source of bread and butter, education was food for her mind. She was determined to attend college even after she landed a role in “Bourne Identity”. The popularity of the franchise didn’t affect her unwavering dedication to complete her studies. She admits that college helped her become a more interesting person. Julia is a proud alumnus of Columbia University.

Yara Shahidi

yara shahidi

Yara got her breakthrough role in “Black-ish” and its sequel “Grown-ish”. Her impressive performance has now earned her a role in the upcoming Tinker Bell on Disney. It turns out that Yara is a winner in her work as well as in her studies. No matter how big the acting opportunity was, Yara was adamant to enroll on college. She went to Harvard University to study Interdisciplinary Sociology and African American Studies.

Claire Danes

claire danes

Claire rose to fame at an early age when she starred in “Romeo and Juliet” opposite Leonardo DiCaprio. But the glamorous and glitzy life of a celeb couldn’t keep Claire from pursuing studies. She got a degree from reputable Yale University before coming back on screen with “Homeland”.

Written by Ipshita Barua