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10 Classic Movie Villains With Origin Stories So Epic They Deserve A Solo Movie

It is of course the hero is that sells the movie. But its a villain that keeps it together. For every light, there’s an equally dark shadow. These movie villains have so epic origin stories we are surprised Hollywood hasn’t given them solo movies yet.

Hans Gruber

While the Die Hard franchise has spawned numerous movies, no villain comes close to the critical success that Hans Gruber has achieved. Very little is known about Gruber, a villain with expensive tastes who left his erudite upbringings to live a life on the criminal edge. Gruber was part of a West Germa terrorist cell called the Volksfrei Movement. His brother Simon Gruber was a part of the rival east German People’s army. The Gruber brother were estranged due to intense political inclinations. All of its cooks up into a broth of high octane family drama we would love to see if turned into a movie.

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Freddy Kreuger

Before Freddy Kreuger haunted dreams and killed people in their sleep, he was just a really devious serial killer with a penchant for kidnapping, torturing and killing children. The child murderer’s crimes were so heinous an angry mob chased him into a building and literally burnt the entire building to the ground with Freddy in it. Several movies have already fleshed out a backstory for the character. But a movie exploring the origin story of the most sinister serial killer in Hollywood history makes for a good horror flick fans of the genre would happily pay to watch.


The Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts movies have set up a strong foundation for the dark Lord already. Warner Brothers is currently in prequel territory. But a movie on the ultimate Dark Lord of the Wizarding World makes so much more sense. With Johnny Depp out of the loop as Grindelwald, it is only plausible that the studio opts for Voldemort himself. Before Voldemort became Voldemort, he was just a gifted student studying in Hogwarts by the name of Tom Riddle. It is Tom Riddle’s story that we are all eager to watch on the big screens.


Love it or hate it, the Transformers franchise has still garnered some major money at the Box Office. In total, the Transformers have collected about 4 Billion US Dollars internationally. So there is still love for the franchise. Paramount is finding it hard to let it go. They have already proposed numerous projects that will act as prequels set in the ‘Cybertron’ era. One of the characters that needs to be explored in these movies is Megatron, leader of the nefarious Decepticons. How did a lowly Transformer become the scourge of the entire universe? We believe there’s a story to tell here. All Hail Megatron.

Hector Barbossa

A rather easy formula for creating a Box Office Blockbuster is making a movie out of a famous character from a popular franchise. Captain Barbossa of the Pirates Of The Caribbean series makes perfect sense. While Geoffrey Rush has immortalized the character already, a younger actor playing a young Barbossa before he met Jack Sparrow and the Black Pearl’s crew would make for wonderful source material. With Harley Quinn’s Pirates Of The Caribbean project getting all that hatred, Disney might save the franchise with a Captain Barbossa spin-off.

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Darth Maul

This entry might be a little controversial. But Darth Maul’s fame amongst the Star wars fan base in undeniably high. Darth Maul’s red skin and black tattoos along with those horns make for a really terrifying character. The only other Sith that looked more badass than Darth Maul in the movies was Darth Vader. After he was banished from the Sith Order, he became the Galaxy far, far away’s most elusive criminal. He started a criminal organization called Crimson Dawn and came might close to actually killing Darth Vader. Tell us if that is not movie worthy material. Also his story that eventually led him to be sliced up by Obi-Wan Kenobi is also worth mentioning.


Bane’s origin story could be summed up in one word – BADASS!! Born in The Pit, an underground prison somewhere in the Middle East, Bane lived and breathed in the Darkness. When Talia was a child, her mother was killed by a group of criminals in the Pit. Bane risked his life to save her. The criminals beat him to a pulp and horrifically mutilated his face. The reason why bane wears his trademark face mask is because the mask pumps critical pain numbing chemicals into his body. Bane was a nobody who ascended to the rank of a warlord because of him being a victim of circumstances. If DC intends to make a solo movie on another batman villain after joker’s success, we suggest they go with Bane.


The Lord Of the Rings trilogy has many renowned villains. But none of them capture our attention as the way Gollum does. Gollum started out his life as a hobbit named Smeagol. One day Smeagol and his cousin went fishing near the Misty Mountains. His cousin found the One Ring Of Power. Smeagol was immediately corrupted by the Ring and he killed his cousin out of envy. The Hobbits banished him to live the rest of his days in the Misty Mountains. That was about 500 years ago. Gollum is such a recognizable character that they are making a game on him. Let’s hope a solo movie could also be pushed out of the pipeline and into production.

Deckard Shaw

The fast and Furious franchise was not ready for the storm that was coming in the form of Deckard Shaw after they invited his wrath when they put his brother Owen Shaw in a coma. Deckard Shaw rampaged through the streets, picking out Dom’s crew one by one. He killed Han, and then steam-rolled through Hobbs. That epic wrench fight with Dominic Toretto is unforgettable. Deckard Shaw does not have any plans for world domination. He did all that to Dom and his crew because they hurt his little brother. And that ladies and gentlemen was unacceptable.

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The dancing cannibalistic clown is probably Stephen King’s most infamous creation. Pennywise is actually an extra-universal entity that has lived on Earth, feeding on the fear of humanity for countless years. It is just as old as the universe itself. It’s real name is Glamour and its birthing place was in a region of void that lies outside the cosmos called the Macroverse. Pennywise’s origin story is extremely enchanting. It is said in It The Novel that Glamour belongs to a species called the Deadlights and their true physical form is that of an earth spider. They were created by a Godlike being called the Other and are locked in an eternal war with the species natural enemy – The Turtle. Yep, our universe is protected by a cosmic turtle.

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