10 Creepiest Joker Moments In The DCAU The Live Action Movies Can Never Show Us


The DCAU hands down has given us the greatest iteration of the Joker. These epic DCAU Joker moments are so creepy they will never make it to the DCEU.

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Joker Kidnaps Three People For Batman To Save As Part Of His Christmas Plans

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This was the first produced episode for Joker in Batman: The Animated Series that cemented the clown prince of crime’s evil hegemony. The Joker is hell-bent on spoiling Batman and Dick Roman’s Christmas plans. The episode is full of twisted jokes and dark humor that is not for the weak of heart. This episode showed just how diabolical the Joker can be.

Joker Exploits A Man Who Owes Him A Debt

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A simple and ordinary every day man finds himself knee deep in debt. And the one he owes it to is none other than the Joker. The episode is famous for showing the Joker’s wild as well as human side. On one hand he readily takes advantage of a man and will kill him without hesitation to cater to his idea of fun. On the other hand, the episode also showed his human side.

Joker Switches Between Depression & Insanity After Batman ‘Dies’

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The Joker considers Batman his greatest rival and the one who completes him. Although he regularly tries to hurt Batman, he would never go as far as killing him. That is because he would have nothing to do if Batman is gone. So when Batman seemingly dies in “The Man Who Killed Batman”, the Joker plots his revenge against the person who killed the man he admires most. Of course, whatever he does is followed by a case of the crazies.

Joker Makes A Mentally Unstable Girl Commit Mass Murder

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This episode in the Justice League animated series shows how far the Joker can go to prove his point. The Joker has placed bombs throughout the city. And he has held the entire Justice League hostage to his demands. But he is not the one holding the button but a mentally ill girl. Only the sickest of weirdos can stoop so low as to force a mentally unstable person to commit mass murder.

The One Thing Joker is Scared Of Isn’t Batman, It’s The IRS

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Probably the greatest meta humor ever seen in the history of television, Joker’s Millions is an episode you cannot miss. If you are a fan of the Joker’s sick jokes, you would enjoy this episode to the fullest. The Joker realizes the millions he won as inheritance was actually a prank pulled by a dead rival. He does everything in his power to beat the IRS, the one thing he is genuinely scared of. He is ready to commit genocide but tax evasion is off limits.

Joker Shows Just How Unpredictable He Is

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In Injustice For All, Batman is captured by Luthor and his gang of villains. But Batman is not easy to break. So Luthor calls in the Joker to interrogate him. This episode showed the Joker’s trademark unpredictability. He is so spontaneous and quick on his feet no one can ever know what’s going on inside his head. The Joker stole the show in that episode.

Joker & Harley’s Weird & Twisted Relationship Dynamics

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The Joker-Harley relationship won’t exactly win awards. It is abusive and violent. Harley is forced to suffer physical and mental trauma because of the Joker. In Mad Love (The New Batman Adventures), it is revealed why the Joker is so abusive towards Harley Quinn. For all his life, the Joker was only appreciated for his evil and villainy. If he treats Harley well, it may tarnish his image and the people will stop acknowledging him. It was a deep and true introspection of the Joker’s psyche.

Joker Takes Down Superman Via Sheer Ingenuity

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Joker & Harley Quinn travel to metropolis. Luthor agrees to help the Joker with money if the Joker kills Superman. The episode shows the Joker is so creative he can even singlehandedly take down the Man of Steel if he puts his mind to it.

Being The Injustice League’s Most Rational Member

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The Joker and rationality are two words that should never be used in a sentence. When Luthor formed the Injustice League, the Joker crashed the team gathering and revealed plans for capturing Batman. The Joker wanted batman executed on the spot but Luthor decided to use him as bait. Despite being a genius, Luthor was irrational while the Joker used logic. A scary proposition indeed.

His Attempt To Copyright Joker Venom Infected Fish

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The Joker showed the true depths of his insanity and vanity when he released the Joker Venom into the Gotham Harbor. All the fish in the harbor were infected, colloquially called the Laughing Fish. The Joker tried to copyright the laughing fish and profit off of it.


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