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10 Crossover Movies Fans Want To See

As a fan, who doesn’t love seeing a good old fashion crossover that features some of our favorite characters duke it out and team up? The plethora of content to be made is what makes these ideas so exciting. We’re talking action-packed outer space battles between Decepticons vs Gundams. The savage werewolf vs the sophisticated vampire. Imagine the Batman fighting the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Yes, that did happen. I must admit it’s an awesome movie. With that being said here are 10 crossover movies fans want to see.

10.) Home Alone/You’re Next: You’re Next Too

I bet my left pinky toe that this could work without a shadow of a doubt. Don’t believe me, eh? Check this out. Turn this into a You’re Next sequel starring the legend himself, Macaulay Culkin. Where he plays a character named Kevin McCall. Kevin and his fiancée Grace (played by Samara Weaving), are snowed in for the night on Christmas Eve at their Vermont cottage. Once the power goes out they’re paid an unexpected visit by five masked intruders. This puts our couple in an unfortunate predicament where they resort to hilariously-deadly hijinks on their assailants. You’re Next Too, a splendid horror-comedy in the making.

9.) RoboCop Vs Judge Dredd
RoboCop vs Dredd Crossover

One word, Dredd. If you haven’t watched this movie then by all means stop reading right now. Don’t worry I’ll still be here but you need to watch this film. Make a sequel where that version faces off against RoboCop. Maybe the government in the sequel creates RoboCop to replace the Judges. In return, this creates conflict and some sweet action in a crossover movie!

8.) Riddick Vs Xenomorphs
Riddick vs Alien Crossover

Must I say any more? There’s nothing but going up with the Riddick series folks. It’s sci-fi candy watching these two species clash. Have the Furyan aboard a xenomorph-infected planet or bounty hunter ship. Heck, throw in a couple of Predators for some added fun.

7.) Austin Powers & Ace Ventura Crime Team
Powers&Ventura Crossover

This movie writes itself with relative ease. Have these two absolute comedy legends crossover is magic. The premise could be Dr. Evil steals an incredibly expensive, rare, famous animal from a rescue. Now be prepared to bring tissues for tears of joy and laughter.

6.) Myers Vs Voorhees
MyersVsVoorhees Crossover

Freddy vs. Jason is cheesy. Yet, I hold it close to my heart as a guilty pleasure of mine. We horror fans deserve better when it comes to a crossover. Make these scary behemoths fight already! This movie can be a spin-off type of story. Have Myers visit Camp Crystal Lake as he’s on the hunt for Laurie, she’ll be a camp counselor for the summer during her teenage years.

5.) Spider-Man Vs Punisher
(Alex Ross) SpidermanVsPunisher

In Amazing Spider-Man #129, we receive our first introduction to the hardnosed hero, Punisher. During his introduction, he was trying to murder the web-slinger! I want to see this movie so bad that I can’t stop smiling as I type. My only demand is an R-rating or a hard PG-13 rating. Let’s make this an intense ride for web-head.

4.) Beavis and Butt-Head Do South Park

Beavis and Butt-Head Do America is in my top 15 favorite comedic movies. I don’t care who you are, you’ll never change my mind. A similar sentiment goes for South Park being in my top 10 favorite shows of all time. To me, and fans alike this would be an incredibly special treat for these two to share the screen. I don’t know what the premise would be, but just make it funny! It can be a TV movie with a 1hr and 15 minutes runtime for all I care. I want to hear Butt-Head call Cartman a “fartknocker”.

3.) Kingsman Vs Inspector Gadget

This is the strangest crossover on the list and probably not the first pick for many fans. If you share similar thoughts then be assured, you’re not alone. At first, I was hesitant to include this one. I can say with the utmost confidence this is the dark horse of the list and it makes a lot of sense to make this movie! The Inspector fits into the world of Kingsman perfectly like OJ’s black glove. Imagine all the gripping CGI cybernetic effects you can do with the Inspector fighting the Kingsman as they both try to go after the same criminal. To add the cherry on top I want to see Sacha Baron Cohen as Inspector Gadget.

2.) Hobbs & Shaw Faceoff Against The Decepticons

Take my money, baby! I don’t care how and if it makes sense. Once I finished Hobbs & Shaw, It felt like destiny that these franchises belong together like George Lucas and Star Wars. Boy, can it be a toxic relationship. Sometimes you’ll get beautiful art or some unintentional giggles.

1.) Wolverine & Deadpool: Road Trip Action-Comedy

The crème de la crème ladies and gentlemen. I’ll keep it short. Make this crossover rated R, breaking the fourth wall, blood, comedy, cursing, starring Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds. This is Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas with a touch of Marvel.

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Written by Barry Buzzkill

Woah, he writes!