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10 Danny Trejo Facts To Make You A Fan Of The Machete Man

10 Danny Trejo Facts To Make You A Fan Of The Machete Man

The iconic and legendary Danny Trejo, also known as The Machete Man, got for his role as Heat Trejo. He has worked in movies like Heat, Con Air, bubble Boy, and Desperado. Although this 76-year old is famous for his dark and powerful characters, the scars on his face give him a rough muscular, and dominant look in every character he plays. Here are some facts about the Machete Man which would blow your mind.

10. Not only movies: Danny has appeared in music videos and did cameos for bands like Slayer and artists like Enrique Iglesias and Mobb Deep.Not only movies

9. Song named after him: He not only appeared in music videos, “Danny Trejo,” a song by Mexican rock band Plastilina Mosh, is about the actor in which they sing and warn everyone not to mess with him.Song named after him

8. He is related to filmmaker Robert Rodriguez: Only while filming Desperado did both come to know that they were related to each other and were second cousins.He is related to filmmaker Robert Rodriguez

7. He’s been in jail: He draws his tough character persona from personal experiences as well. Going in and out of prison primarily because of his looks often led him to get into trouble. While in prison, he worked on himself to be better.He's been in jail

6. He Has Been Sober For Decades: Initially, he had significant alcohol and drug problem, but after joining a 12 step program that helped him in his journey to being sober for decades now, and even worked as a youth drug counselor.He Has Been Sober For Decades

5. His Time In Prison Helped Him Get Into Acting: In prison, he taught himself how to box, and after he was released, he was helping a teenager on set, which led him into getting a role as an extra in the prison scene.His Time In Prison Helped Him Get Into Acting:

4. He Was In Desperate Housewives: one of his most unusual roles when he came in as the good guy to help Gabrielle deal with the loss of her unborn baby.He Was In Desperate Housewives

3. Octavio’s Look On King Of The Hill Is Based On Him: The character of Octavio, voiced by Trejo himself in the adult animated sitcom King of the Hill and is inspired but Danny and his character.Octavio's Look On King Of The Hill Is Based On Him

2. He has multiple restaurants: Apart from being a successful actor, he is also a successful entrepreneur. Opening up many restaurants in Los Angeles, including the famous Trejo’s Tacos, coffee and donuts, and Cantina.He has multiple restaurants

1. He saved a child from an accident: In August of 2019, he saw a car accident that involved a child trapped inside the overturned SUV, and Trejo jumped in to help the kid get out. He saved a child from an accident

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