10 DC And Marvel Characters With Exactly Same Superpowers

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As Comic Book Fans, we know that for the years, both DC and Marvel have been continuously fighting with each other to be the best comic book in the market and among fans.
But, both DC and Marvel have done some things that can make their fans feel pity.
Comic Book fans must have been aware for a very long time that both Marvel and DC have been ripping off each other characters for a long time.
For example, the famous Marvel character Deadpool is a copy of DC’s Deathstroke and many more.
What amazes fans is that these two giant companies seem not to even bother to cover up the fact that they are openly copying each other’s work.
The competition between the two companies has given birth to some of the greatest superheroes in the entire comic book history.
It offers readers a window to see a difference in the same set of powers.
So from having the same skill set as Deadpool and Deathstroke or having the same archery skills as Green Arrow and Hawkeye.
Marvel and DC have copied some of its characters. Let us dive in to see which characters are similar to each other.


1. Lady Sif And Wonder Woman:

Though one has a background with the Asgardians, the other has her origin in Mount Olympus. Still, both Wonder Woman and Lady Sif have a lot in common.
They are both first-class female fighters from mythical backgrounds, depending on a sword and a shield on the battlefield.
Both of them share a love for humanity and inborn goodwill.
One thing that separates Sif from wonder woman is her lasso of truth; otherwise, the two have an almost similar set of powers.


Sif Wonder Woman

2. Quicksilver And The Flash:

The fastest man alive, Flash, might have some sort of competition with this mutant.
Quicksilver was born while having the X gene, which means that he will always have the ability to run at supersonic speed.
On the other hand, The Flash got his powers when a particle accelerator was exploded, thus giving Barry Allen super speed with the speed force’s help.
While the methods used by these two are different, but their actual abilities are the same.


Quicksilver and Flash

3. Wasp And Bumblebee:

The name only suggests that there is a distinct similarity between these two characters.
Whereas Wasp, according to the comics, is one of the founding members of the Avengers.
While Bumblebee is sightly a new superhero joining the Doom Patrol and the Teen Titans.
These characters can shrink down to unimaginable sizes and have the same costumes and sting to clone the insects they are copying.


Wasp Bee

4. Doctor Strange And Zatanna:

Suppose the master of the mystic arts would go to the DC Universe.
In that case, he might have to face some competition from a sorceress named Zatanna.
Both Zatanna and Dr. Strange follow a very similar code.
As they protect the Earth from the supernatural menaces of the different dimensions.
They both are very talented wielders of the magic of arts, and it would be fun to watch them compete against each other.


Doctor Strange Zatanna

5. Black Canary And Songbird:

When it comes to comparing them, both fans might not think of Songbird as the first choice to compare against Black Canary.
If characters like Black Widow can match the athleticism and street smartness, it’s Songbird who fits Canary’s superpowers.
They both have a sonic scream that has the agility to weaken their opponents.
They both have almost similar powers, with both having featured natural and mechanical cries in the battle, based on the situation.


Songbird Black Canary

6. Hyperion And Superman:

Though Superman is the strongest and greatest superhero around DC’s multiverse and has a counterpart in the Marvel Universe.


They both have an exceptionally similar origin story, like with Superman getting discard to Earth after his planet Krypton was destroyed.

At the same time, Hyperion was sent to Earth-616 as he was the only member left of his race, the Eternals; the rest died. 


They even have similarities in their power set.

Similar Heroes in Marvel and DC


7. Deathstroke/ Deadpool:

Due to the popularity these two characters hold, Deathstroke and Deadpool are perhaps the most apparent Marvel and DC characters with almost plenty of familiar things.
Not only are these two unusual mercenaries, but also their healing factors and superb tactical capabilities make them a close match.
Deadpool’s healing factor helps him go toe-to-toe with anyone.
Simultaneously, Deathstroke’s intellect and superhuman level mental abilities make him just a step ahead of Deadpool.

Deadpool Marvel Comics


8. Hawkeye And Green Arrow:

Like other characters in this list, Green Arrow and Hawkeye don’t certainly have the same set of powers. But what clint and Oliver have in common is the skill set.
These skills basically revolve around a bow and a whole set of coveting arrows designed to be fearlessly nonlethal.
These two have been the good old Robin Hood, but thankfully for both The Justice League and Avengers, they turned to fight the baddies.

Hawkeye Marvel Comics


9. The Atom And Ant-Man:

Much like the first Ant-Man, Hank Pym The Atom, aka Ray Palmer, is an intelligent scientist obsessed with size.
It’s said that great minds think alike, and it’s confirmed that these would find a lot to love about each other’s work.
They are both famous for their patented creations, i.e., the Pym particle and the compression matrix, respectively, which allows them to shrink to the size of an atom or even more than that and can even grow tall as a skyscraper on their wish.

ant man atom


10. Batman And Iron Man:

Both Batman And Iron Man are great superheroes with genius-level intelligence and the capability to beat up the baddies.
What lands them on this list is their real power and wealth.
As they are among the wealthiest members in their specific universe, both Bruce and Tony choose to use their wealth for mankind and help save their worlds.
To do so, they build some super crazy toys that will help them on the battlefield.

Iron Man Batman Cropped






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