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30 DC Movie and T.V. Superheroes And Villains Compared To The Comic

The DCEU is often referred to as one of the darkest franchise than marvel. Though it’s not the scene of DCTV they have a bit of comedy in them and that’s the reason fans are always thrilled and outraged by the darker, edgier versions of some of the most iconic characters in all of comics, with an indisputable fact that each of its character has a deep, lavishing back story established over several years in the pages of their respective comics, weather they are superheroes or villains. And because of that there has always been a discussion among fans of weather The DC universe should take the inspiration of costumes from the comics or not. On the other-hand The DCTV has somewhat taken an innovation in creating their character’s costumes somewhat as per the comics. But the DCEU have made some improvisation in their costumes as compared to the comics. So today at Fandomwire we are going to have a look at those 30 DC movie and T.V. superheroes and villains as compared to the comic books. Scroll Down to have a look at them!

1 Wonder Woman:

2) James Gordon:

3) Alfred:

4) DeadShot:

5) Katana:

6) Jay Garrick:

7) Captain Cold:

8) The Flash:

9) Green Arrow:

10) John constantine:

11) Heat Wave:

12) Steve Trevor:

13) Rick Flag:

14) The Joker:

15) FireStorm:

16) Vibe:

17) Elongated Man:

18) Death Stroke:

19) Kid Flash:

20) Supergirl:

21) The Thinker:

22) Cyborg:

23) Batman:

24) Superman:

25) Martain ManHunter:

26) Citizen Steel:

27) Aquaman:

28) The Atom:

29) Jonah Hex:

30) Arsenal:

Source: Sami Reaz

Written by Amir Syed

Entertaining the Comic Book & Movie Fandoms for a living! Sensei of Animated Times. 10M+ fan base.

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