10 DC Villain Costumes So Impractical We Hope They Burn In Hell

DC villains are famous for their extreme antics as well as their extravagant and signature costumes. E.g., Poison Ivy‘s green costume depicts her focus on plants and the environment, and the Riddler’s suit is full of question marks, announcing his obsession to everyone.

Their costumes give some villains the edge in a battle, loaded with tactical gear and features that can mean life or death in a fight. However, the villains on this list have the most useless and, in some cases, even problematic costumes.

1. DC Villain Harley Quinn‘s New 52 era costume: Unfortunately, among the many mistakes of the New 52 era was Harley Quinn’s new costume. It’s a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen, even if she moves, let alone fight! Though it is as distinctive as any of her previous costumes, it is also completely impractical and over the top.

Harley QuinnNew 52 Costume

2. DC Villain Penguin’s Dapper Costume: Penguin stands out even in the family of odd DC villains. He is an information broker and club owner. His dapper costume of a hat, waistcoat, and monocle are elegant and stylish but serve no purpose other than that.

DC Comic The Penguin

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3. DC Villain The Designer’s Garish Garb: He wears camo pants, but the boots are more suited to a cartoon pirate. In addition, it is a cumbersome cape long enough to trip on and a ridiculous fringed collar. Also present are many chains that are a tool to choke him with and a full mask covering his face.

The Designer

4. Raven’s Evil costumes: Whenever Trigon, her father possesses her, or she has turned villain, her costumes are ridiculous and awful. One such version is a costume with high-heeled boots and a feathered cape with odd decorations. These are nearly up to her knee and hinder her even from walking, let alone fighting. Her New 52 costume has spiky nails and a clamshell headpiece!


5. Star Sapphire’s Questionable Costume: Star Sapphire, aka Predator, Carol Ferris, is now a Justice League member. But she was a supervillain once! Her costumes have varied and changed over time, but one of them was very impractical and questionable.

10 DC Villain Costumes So Impractical We Hope They Burn In Hell

6. Bane’s Venom Tubing costume: Bane is brawny and so does not need an elaborate costume. His most recognizable one is long tubes that deliver the venom to his brain and essential gear. While the tubes had their purpose, the way they stuck out was very fragile and risky.

DC Bane - Venom

7. DC Villain Owlman’s Bizarre Cape: Owlman is the negative counterpart of Batman and wears an owl’s mask. He wants to decimate life everywhere and appears as a supervillain in Flashpoint (animated movie) and an enemy of the Justice League. He sports a bizarre and bulky cape in which it would be difficult to move, let alone fight.

10 DC Villain Costumes So Impractical We Hope They Burn In Hell

8. Steppenwolf’s On Display Costume: Steppenwolf relies on his immortality, endurance, speed, and superhuman strength in a battle. Therefore his costume is more grandeur and display than a tactical advantage in a battle. Heavy metal boots, weird claw-like shoulder decorations, and an enormous helmet are not fun to wear and a lot of weight to carry around!

Justice League: Steppenwolf

9. Black Manta’s Cool costume: His costume makes him look menacing and scary but is also very cool. It’s a definite hit aesthetically. Unfortunately, his headgear is wide, which makes it awkward and cumbersome. Also, the principle of aerodynamics, which would help him swim, is wholly ignored.

10 DC Villain Costumes So Impractical We Hope They Burn In Hell



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