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10 Disney Princes Cosplays Too Good To Ignore!!

Cosplays give fan a way to dress up like their favorite character. They finally have the opportunity to fill in their idols’ shoes. They may be fictional but that does not stop Cosplayers from dressing up as one. Conventions, events, amusement arks, theme parties, artistic gatherings – all of them channel the power of Cosplay. One of the most cosplayed franchises is the Disney Animated Movie Universe. And we bring you a first of its kind cosplay work on Disney Princes.

Cosplayers love to dress up as Disney Characters because of the variety. There are so many to choose from. From Frozen to the Sleeping Beauty and Snow White, the myriad of characters available is simply astounding.

The Disney Princes help provide that royal and epic charm to a Disney movie. Like the Disney Princesses, they are a crucial part of the plot. Without them, the story would seem incomplete and would most likely fall apart. These Disney Princes Cosplayers show a plethora of expressions, and use simple but elegant techniques to channel their inner royalty. nd frankly, they do not disappoint. These impersonations are simply too amazing. We bet some of you are going to fall in love all over again.

1. Prince Phillip

leobanecosplay and Dragon Cos’ bring us Prince Phillip. The character was the Disney Prince in the movie Sleeping Beauty. He looks like he could wake up anyone with a kiss.

2. Simba

Why should humans have all the fun? Costume Works gives us a glimpse at a live action enacting of that signature Rafiki holding Simba over Pride Rock scene. All hail the King!

3. Prince Naveen, Prince Phillip, and Prince Charming

The hairstyles, the costumes, the facial expressions, – all of them come together phenomenally to give us a trio of epic cosplayers. They do not disappoint.

4. Hercules

He is not just royalty. He is a God. Hercules is the Son of Zeus and the Olympian God of Strength. Leobane Cosplay shared this picture of Hercules Cosplay via Pinterest.

5. Shang Li

Shang Li from Mulan does not nearly get enough love he truly deserves. This true gentleman is shown in all his vigor in this spot on reenactment of a famous Mulan scene.

6. Aladdin

The Street Runt is one of the easiest Disney Princes to cosplay to be frank, MegaChromatic posted this cosplay on Reddit. The hair is accurate and the addition of Abu is a nice touch.

7. Prince Eric, Emperor Kuzco, and Flynn Rider

8. Prince Phillip

9. The Beast

10. John Smith


Written by Bibhu Prasad Panda

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