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10 Facts About Non-MCU Actors That Put MCU Actors To Shame

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We have heard so much about the beautiful beats of wonder that are the MCU actors. But there is a sizeable universe of Non-MCU actors who have intriguing stories to tell as well. Here’s a few of them.

Ryan Reynolds Lobbied For 11 Years For Deadpool To Happen

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Ryan Reynolds appeared as Wade Wilson for the first time in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Despite the movie being a dumpster fire, Ryan Reynolds’ portrayal was appreciated. He knew that with a little less creative control from the top brass, he could do much more with the character. He wrote letters to Fox Studios for 11 years until they finally relented and gave the get-go for the project. The Studio allowed the project to happen because they were frustrated with Reynolds pestering them over and over again. They gave him a bare minimum budget to make the movie and leave the Studio alone. AND THAT’S HOW ITS DONE HOLLYWOOD!!

Jennifer Lawrence Almost Shot ‘Intruders’ In Her Home With a Bow & Arrow

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She is not just Mystique of the new X-Men movies. Lawrence is also known to play the badass character Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games franchise. Her character is proficient in archery so Jennifer Lawrence took personal lessons in bow and arrow training. One time, while returning from an archery class, she heard strangers in her garage and thought they were thieves. Without a second thought, she got her bow and arrow and decided to confront and shoot the intruders if need be. When she got down to her garage, the intruders turned out to be workers fixing her garage.

Tobey Maguire Is Part of DiCaprio’s “P***y Posse”

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When you are young and full of energy in the film industry, you tend to fall into this trap. Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire were longtime pals. Both made it big in the industry at a very young age. So they were prone to do rich boy brat stuff. They were part of a well-known infamous group called the “P***y Posse”. Actors like David Blaine, Kevin Connolly, Jay R Ferguson, Lukas Haas, and many more were members of the group. The Posse was known to hit on women twice their age at parties, throw things at people, and cause a general ruckus wherever they go. The actors wanted to see how much they can push social and legal boundaries as a celebrity. Glad they are not doing it now.

Ben Affleck is So Good At Blackjack He is Not Allowed To Play In Casinos

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Ben Affleck had a pretty drawn out career even before he starred as daredevil in the 2003 movie. There were rumors that Affleck had a gambling addiction back when he was still married to Jennifer Garner. The truth will actually astound you. Affleck is not a gambling addict. he is juts really, really good at Blackjack. He took some time off to learn the game and mastered the act of counting cards. Once when he was on a table in The Gard Rock Casino in Vegas, he won more than $800,000 by playing the same $20,000 hand in a row. He was so good that the Casino asked him to leave and never return again.

Anna Paquin Became An Actor Because She Was Bored

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Anna Paquin has won numerous acting accolades and is a known face in the movie making industry. She is known for her role as Rogue in the X-Men movies. But the reason she took on an acting career is unlike anything you have ever heard. She was merely bored. When auditions were happening for Flora McGrath in The Piano, Paquin tagged along with her sister to help her sibling out. It was her sister who was interested in the role. Paquin came because she had nothing better to do. There were 5000 auditions that day and Paquin was selected. Her experience as an actor before then involved playing the p[art of a Skunk in a school play.

Wesley Snipes Was a Jackass On Set

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Snipes made a fortune playing the role of Blade in the Blade trilogy. But the third movie is considered the worst installment to the franchise. Even Wesley Snipes knew the movie was bad. So he made life on set for the crew insufferable. He would smoke weed all day. He almost always remained in his trailer. There was one time he even tried to strangle the Director on false charges. In a particular scene, Blade was lying on a gurney and was going to look around with his eyes wide open. Snipes refused to open his eyes for some strange reason. The scene had to be edited in Post-Production.

Kevin Smith & Ben Affleck Are No Longer Friends Because Of Jennifer Garner

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It takes a special kind of woman to break up two best friends. While we are not saying Jennifer Garner is a bad woman. But she has done some pretty despicable stuff in the past. Kevin Smith and ben Affleck were once really close friends. They had worked together in movies like Mallrats and Chasing Amy. But their friendship changed when Affleck starred in Daredevil opposite Jennifer Garner. Garner and Affleck grew close and Smith and Affleck’s friendship grew apart. A few years ago, Kevin Smith told the press that a “Triple-A List” actor like Ben Affleck is better off without a nobody like Kevin Smith.

Shawn Ashmore’s Identical Twin

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Shawn Ashmore played the role of Bobby Drake in the X-Men movies. he has made a name for himself after starring in other projects like Quantum Break and The Boys. But he is also confused with Aaron Ashmore, his identical twin who is also an actor. Aaron Ashmore starred as Jimmy Olsen in Smallville and even had a major supporting role in Warehouse 13.

Hugh Jackman Didn’t Know Wolverines Are Actual Animals

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After Bryan Singer zeroed in on Hugh Jackman to play the part of Wolverine, Jackman got to work. A dedicated actor worth his salt, Jackman researched everything there is about his character. He even studied the animal Wolverine was based on. For him, it was the Wolf, not the Wolverine. Jackman thought Wolverines are imaginary creatures. Bryan Singer was able to tell there was something off about the way he walked. Jackman said he was copying the walk of a wolf. Singer told him his character was not based on a wolf. Jackman replied with “Well there’s no such thing as a Wolverine.” Singer facepalmed and said, “Go to the zoo, dude.”

Jessica Alba Made A Fortune Outside Her Acting Career

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Back when environmentally friendly products had not caught up to trend, Alba was smart enough to invest in Honest Co. Honest Co. was a brand that made environmentally friendly baby products among other things. The company is valued at around $1 Billion. Alba holds around a 20 per cent stake in the company. So her net worth is at least $200 Million. And that’s a conservative estimate. Alba’s actual net worth is way, way more. The money we are saying is atop the money she has already made as an A-List Hollywood Celebrity

Written by Bibhu Prasad Panda

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