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10 Failed Superhero Movie Actors Who Deserve A Second Chance

These superhero movie actors certainly found fame later on in other genres. But they never managed to make it big in the superhero movies again. We believe they have been unfairly treated by the industry and deserve a second chance.

Ioan Gruffudd

Mister Fantastic

Ioan Gruffudd rose to fame in the superhero genre after starring as Mister Fantastic in the 20th Century Fox’s Fantastic Four movies. Of all the members of Marvel’s first live-action version of its First Family, it was Ioan Gruffudd who did the best job. The Fantastic Four movies were indeed a flop but Gruffudd rocked it as Reed Richards. When we think of those dreaded Fantastic Four movies, Gruffudd’s face is literally the first thing that comes to mind.

Eric Bana

Ang Lee’s Hulk

The 2003 Hulk movie did a commendable run at the Box Office. But fans hated it. And as a result, Ang lee never came up with a sequel. Now considered a cult-classic. Eric Bana’s version of the Hulk was more about the fight between the man and the monster within than an actual superhero flick. The movie more or less ended Bana’s career in the superhero department. But if we saw a shooting star, we would be wishing him back again.

Peter Sarsgaard

Hector Hammond

One major clusterf*ck of a movie, 2012’s Green Lantern starring Ryan Reynolds needs to be buried in the deepest, darkest hellhole we can find. But that is not to say we hated Peter Sarsgaard’s Hector Hammond. with the limited amount of leg space his character was written into, Sarsgaard did the most of it. He portrayed a grieving son who only wanted to win his father’s affection. He had been in competition with Hal all his life to win the heart of Carol Ferris. And he fell into the clutches of evil only after knowing how hopelessly outmatched Hector Hammond truly was.

Doug Jones

Silver Surfer

Although Laurence Fishburne voiced the Silver Surfer in Fantastic Four: Rise of The Silver Surfer, it was Doug Jones who was the stand-in for the cosmic hero in that movie. Doug Jones is now better known for his role as Captain Saru in Star Trek: Discovery. His majestic height and stature makes him a prime candidate for playing a variety of roles in the MCU if Marvel ever decides to bring this underrated gem of an actor back into its fold.

Christoph Waltz


The 2011 superhero action comedy The Green Hornet left much to be desired for. Seth Green’s portrayal of the titular hero was way too tacky for our tastes. Jay Chou did not do as good a job as Kato as well. The movie’s only saving grace was Christoph Waltz. The award winning actor portrayed the villainous role of Chudnofsky in that movie. From comedy to sheer bloodlust, the actor played a range of emotions via Chudnofsky.

Nicolas Cage

Ghost Rider

The Ghost Rider movies are certainly not everyone’s cup of tea. Nic Cage’s portrayal of Johnny Blaze was in one word – different. And the stories in both movies took far too many liberties that left a bad aftertaste in our mouths. But boy oh boy did we love it every time Nic Cage’s head started burning to unleash the demon within. His Ghost Rider was a superhero made for a different time, back when MCU had not standardized the genre yet. The unnecessary hate the actor gets astounds us sometimes.

Leiv Schreiber

Victor Creed

He appeared as sabretooth in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Hate the game but never the player, they say. And that cannot be truer for Leiv Schreiber. The writers screwed up the entire movie with a plot so stupid it makes Wile E Coyote look smart. Schreiber’s Sabretooth was one of the saving graces of the movie. It was a shame we never got to see him for one last time in Logan playing as the Marvel character he knows best.

John Leguizamo


Leguizamo, before he became Hollywood’s heartthrob, once played the villain in a very little known Image Comics superhero movie called Spawn. The 1997 was a spectacular failure. But John Leguizamo shone bright was The Clown/Violator. His portrayal of the villain was goofy and deadly at the same time. He may have made it big now but we want John Leguizamo back in the superhero business because we know he would do a terrific job.

Thomas Haden Church


Many fans claimed that Spider-Man 3 tried to do many things at once. You may be divided on whether you love or hate the third Sam Raimi Spider-Man movie. But you will agree that Thomas Haden Church’s Sandman was truly epic and awesome. We wish he comes back again in No Way Home.

James Franco

Harry Osborn

When you think of Harry Osborn, Peter Parker‘s best friend, it is James Franco’s character from the Sam Raimi movies that come to mind. His work in those movies were so iconic that Marvel Studios was forced to feature Ned Leeds instead of Harry. Because there was no way any actor could come close to nailing the role of the young Osborn like Franco did.