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10 Famous Actors And The Marvel Characters They Should Be Playing

Famous Actors And Marvel Role

Over the years Marvel Studios has become one of the most successful production house in the entire Hollywood industry. Created by Kevin Feige The MCU was once a failed studio, But soon after the release of Iron-man the MCU reached new heights and started creating a defined legacy of some remarkable movie that made them not only rule the Hollywood industry but also the hearts of their fans. Marvel choose some extraordinary Actors and Actress to portray their comic book characters, which made fans believe that they were meant to be played by those actors and because of that those characters became their favourite superheroes. Such as we can take the example of Iron Man, though the role was first give to Tom Cruise but he denied the role and it was give to Robert Downey Jr who made audience be in love with Iron-man. Similarly, here’s a list of other Hollywood Actors whom fans want to see as different MCU characters.

1 Matthew McConaughey As Norman Osborn:

Matthew Mcconaughey Wallpapers 2

2 Henry Cavill As Captain Britain: henry cavill black t shirt images 2240x1400 1

3 Dwayne Johnson As Hercules Or Namor:

Dwayne Johnson Red Notice %E2%80%93 2020

4 John Krasinski As Mr. Fantastic:


5 Keanu Reeves As Ghost Rider Or Doctor Doom:

wenn keanureeves 071217 1800x1200 1800x1200

6 Jason Momoa As Kraven The Hunter:

Capture 7

7 Channing Tatum As Gambit, Johnny Storm, Cyclops Or Iceman:

Channing Tatum 1

8 Luke Evans As King of Atlantis Vibe:

Luke Evans Owen Shaw The Fate of the Furious

9 Arnold Schwarzenegger As Arnie Lundberg:

Arnold Schwarzenegger surgery

10 Bryan Cranston As Kang the Conqueror, Galactus, or even Magneto:

Bryan Cranston

Source: Aditya Goel

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