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10 Famous Actors Who’ve Played Roles in Both DC And Marvel Movies

Actors in Both Dc And Marvel

Marvel and DC has always been in a fight as to who is the best since ages. There fans are continuously fighting as to who has the best superheroes as well as villains. Though back in the 90’s there has consistently been crossovers between the two Comic Books which served as a treat for fans at that time, allowing fans to vote for the best comic books of that time and also their favourite superhero. Sadly since the past twenty years these companies haven’t collided. But this isn’t the scene of Hollywood. Many famous actors have worked for both these franchises depending on the work contracts they get and the ever lucrative studio movie deals that the film franchises and producers offer them. So here a list of those famous actors who have played roles in both DC and Marvel movies.

#1 Ben Affleck: Worked As Daredevil And Batman:

ben affleck daredevil batman

#2 Ryan Reynolds As Green Lantern And Deadpool:

image? content%2Fuploads%2Fsites%2F6%2F2016%2F12%2Fdeadpool green lantern

#3 Josh Brolin As Jonah Hex Thanos And Cable:

Multiple Comic Book Roles

#4 Michael Keaton As Batman And The Vulture:


#5 Tom Hardy As Bane And Venom:

venom bane 1200

#6 Chris Evans As Jensen, Human Torch And Captain America:

chris evans marvel dc

#7 Hugo Weaving As V And Red Skull:

hugo weaving red skull v for vendetta

#8 J.K. Simmons As Commissioner Gordon And  J. Jonah Jameson :

jk simmons gordon jjj

#9 Michael Fassbender As Burke And Magneto: 

michael fassbender magneto jonah

#10 Idris Elba As Moreau And Heimdall:

idris elba thor the losers

Source: Sharan Sanil

Written by Amir Syed

Entertaining the Comic Book & Movie Fandoms for a living! Sensei of Animated Times. 10M+ fan base.

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