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10 Famous Celebs Who Are No More (But People Think Are Still Alive)

Some celebrities are so great even their deaths create a splash larger than life. There are a few celebrities who may no longer be with us. But the conspiracy theorists think otherwise.

Princess Diana

So many conspiracy theories surrounding Princess Diana’s death have surfaced over the years that we have lost count. Princess Diana died way back in 1997. Some claim the British military killed her. Others say that the British Royal Family killed her because she was about to marry a Non-Christian. Princess Diana, according to many theories, faked her own death. She survived the car accident and was allegedly spotted in a wheel chair. The Grassy Knoll Institute published that picture. Some claim she even disguised herself and attended Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding.

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Elvis Presley

Ever since Elvis Presley’s death back in 1977, people have been claiming the legendary singer’s alive. For starters, the dead body inside the coffin marked for him did not look like Elvis at all. This convinced a few fans that it was either a wax dummy or a lookalike. There have been several alleged sightings of the King years after he apparently passed away. Presley’s middle name is also misspelled on his gravestone for the strangest of reasons. An insurance policy Elvis took out with Lloyds was also never cashed in after his death. All of the clues point to the contrary.

Paul Walker

Can we ever forget that scene where Paul walker and Vin Diesel’s car part ways in Fast And Furious 7? Paul walker died an abrupt death in 2013. He met with a car accident that killed him instantly. The footage of the crash was shared online. It was heart wrenching to see him go. Others started to point out errors in the video. two figures could be seen emerging out of the crash. One was even wearing a fire-resistant suit. That is a little too much precaution for a casual drive. People smelled a huge conspiracy.

Michael Jackson

In the year of 2009, the King of Pop left us all. Or did he? That was what many conspiracy theorists think when they hear his name. Michael Jackson had many reasons to fake his death. He was being charged with heinous felonies. He had a huge debt to pay. All of that would have vanished if he was no longer there. A video released by TMZ in August 2009 saw a man looking very similar to Michael Jackson exiting a coroner’s van. TMZ claimed it was the same van that was carrying Michael Jackson’s corpse. People think the King of Pop popped the hood and managed to escape.

Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison was a rising star aiming for the heavens way back in the Seventies. Then suddenly at the age of 21 in 1971, the young celebrity was found dead in a bathtub. Morrison’s girlfriend claimed that he died because of sniffing too much heroin. Marianne Faithful claimed that Morrison’s drug dealer killed him. The others believed that Morrison never died. he had actually paid his doctor to fake his death certificate. Jim Morrison’s dead body was never found so people think he faked his death to avoid fame.

Kurt Cobain

There are three different conspiracy theories surrounding Kurt Cobain’s passing. The first claims Kurt Cobain had too much heroin in his system to actually aim that gun well enough to kill himself. The second theory claims that Kurt died because he was killed by Courtney Love, who had found out that the former was planning to leave her. It’s the third conspiracy theory that happens to be the most intriguing. It states that Kurt Cobain faked his death to get out of the music business and escape Courtney Love, who many believed to be a closet psychopath.

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Tupac Shakur

For over 20 years, Tupac Shakur has been considered dead. But some people believe in the notion of the famed celeb being alive. Their belief stems from the fact that the very nature of Tupac’s death was extremely mysterious. The people who killed him have been never found and produced before the court. Even Suge Knight, Tupac’s friend who was with him the night of his death, claims that Tupac Shakur might still be alive. Tupac also happens to be the star who released the most albums after his apparent death. Eight of Shakur’s records were released posthumously, the highest for any dead celebrity.

Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee’s martial arts prowess were the stuff of legends. he was able to punch as many as a dozen times in the span of a second. he could do a 1000 pushups in record time. Lee was rumored to have the ability to hold his breath for as long as 7 minutes. A guy like that must have a heart as healthy as a horse. Bruce Lee was declared after his body had an allergic reaction to an administered medicine, suffering fatal heart complications. people think he is alive. He just does not believe in Hollywood or found someone to share his life with and now lives far away.

Andy Kaufman

Andy Kaufman was a legendary comedian. He was a superhit in the Eighties. Known for his sharp humor, Kaufman was also infamous as a prankster. His pranks were truly legendary. He once claimed that if he were to ‘die’, he would reappear 20 years later and laugh at the world. Kaufman died in 1984 after a battle with lung cancer. The people were still not convinced, believing he is pulling one grand prank. 20 years later, Kaufman did not resurface as promised. One of Kaufman’s friends, Bob Zmuda, believes the comedian is still out there. He is alive and kicking, yet to kick the bucket.

Steve Jobs

This might come as a shocker to many. the very person who gave us the Smartphone may have outsmarted the entire world. Steve Jobs is the epitome of showmanship. The man pioneered the world of technology, giving us the iMac, iPod, iPhone, and the iPad. Had Steve been alive, he would have been rolling in his grave right now with the direction Apple has taken in his absence. Jobs died at the age of 56 after an 8 year long battle with pancreatic cancer.

In August of 2019, pictures of a person eerily similar to Steve jobs started popping up all over the internet. may apple fanatics still question the mysterious way he was declared dead. A lot many people have theorized Jobs did not die but distanced himself from Apple after the company started going in a direction he did not like. He is living a secluded life, away from civilization.

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