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10 Famous X-Men Who Are Not Even Mutants

There are so many mighty mutants to take our breath away in the Marvel Comic Book Universe. But did you know there are some X-Men characters who were never mutants to begin with? These Marvel characters have fooled us long enough. Let’s take a look at these supposed impostors. Here’s the full list.


Deadpool 2 might have led you astray. But the truth is Juggernaut is not a mutant. His powers are actually mystical in nature. Cain Marko derives his powers from a magical artifact called the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak. The gem grants him the ability to access the primordial powers of an ancient deity. As a result he gains unstoppable momentum once he starts running. Juggernaut has been a foe of the X-Men for years but the casual movie goers do not know the super villain is not even a mutant. The only relation he has with the X-Men is his status as a step brother to Charles Xavier aka Professor x of the X-Men.


Yep. You heard that right. wade Wilson started out as a parody of DC Comics’ Deathstroke. The DC Comic Book Super Villain’s real name is Slade Wilson. Wade is not a mutant but a mutate. Much like how it was shown in the movies, Wade was a volunteer for the Weapon x program. This was the same program that gave birth to Wolverine as we know him. The experiment jumpstarted his powers, giving him an enhanced healing factor and agility. It is easy to mistake him to be a mutant because of his frequent association with the X-Men and the X-Force.


Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch were first thought to be the children of the mutant extremist Magneto. Since they considered themselves as mutants, they joined the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and terrorized the X-Men. Quicksilver later joined the good guys. He became a part of X-Factor as well as the Avengers. It is later revealed that Quicksilver was never a mutant to begin with. He and his sister were the results of an experiment by the High Evolutionary. They were created to mimic the X-Gene. In short, they cannot be classified as mutants.


Longshot hails from an alternate dimension called the Mojoverse. In this universe, every one is obsessed with a reality TV show that has taken over the reality. The one that runs the call is a villain named Mojo. Longshot is one of his many creations. He was engineered to have powers by Mojo. Longshot has limited telepathy, the power to alter probability and grant himself good luck, and heightened combat prowess. he is in a battle with Mojo to end the tyrant’s rule over Mojoverse. he has openly stated that he does not consider himself to be a mutant.


Lockheed is remembered as Kitty Pryde’s pet dragon that accompanies her into various missions. He was first seen when the X-Men were held in captivity by the Brood, an alien species that closely resembles James Cameron’s Xenomorphs. Despite popular belief, the tiny alien dragon is not a mutant. He is just a normal species hailing from an alien planet. He has had affiliations with many other organizations besides the X-Men like S.W.O.R.D.

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There are so many things about Fantomex that do not make any sense. Fantomex was a creation of the Weapon Plus program. That is the same program that gave us Wolverine and Deadpool. Fantomex was biologically engineered. he has three brains, nano-active blood, some serious close combat skills, and a detachable nervous system that also doubles up as a sentient space-ship. For years, Fantomex has been called a variety of names including sentinel, mutate, and clone. The truth is – he is a combination of a lot of those things. the one thing he i not is a mutant.


Ink was just a normal human being. he did not have the X-Gene. Even after getting powers, he does not classify himself as a mutant. But he is still a major member of the X-Men. Leon Nunez, was a mutant who had the ability to grant other people powers by tattooing them. he tested out his ability on Eric Gitter. Gitter gained the power to heal himself, simulate the Phoenix Force, induce diseases and sickness in others, and super strength. For years, Gitter aka Ink was a point of intense controversy. Many did not know what role he played in the X-Men as a non mutant. He has since returned back to the spotlight as an X-Man.


Eugene Judd was a normal human adventurer. He encountered an ancient sorcerer who cast a spell on him that gave him rubber like abilities. He was granted super human strength, speed, reflexes, durability, and endurance. The only downside was that Puck was reduced to dwarf like size. after this genetic compression, Puck also gained an elongated lifespan just like wolverine. Puck has served in various superhero teams all across the globe. He started out as a member of Alpha Flight, the Canadian Mutant Superhero team of Department H. He has also been a member of X-Force. Puck recently rejoined Alpha Flight after the team was elected to become Earth’s space based guardians.

Captain Britain

Captain America has been a founding father of the Avengers. He is literally called the First Avenger. Captain Britain on the other hand, has had a huge and weird history. He is the brother of Psylocke, a famous purple haired telepathic mutant. captain Britain was chosen by the extra-dimensional wizard merlin and his daughter Roma to be their champion. Brian Braddock gained mystical abilities which included a force field, super human strength and other incredible physical and mental attributes. Although he played a vital role in setting up the British version of Excalibur, a team that also had members like Kitty Pryde and Nightcrawler, he is not a mutant at all. His powers come from magic.

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Cloak & Dagger

Tandy Bowen and Tyrone Johnson were normal teenage runaways who were captured and experimented upon by the criminal Maggia organization. The experimental chemical compound injected into their blood gave them both a host of abilities. Tyrone Johnson became Cloak – he had the ability to harness energy from the darkforce dimension. Tandy Bowen gained the power to manipulate light energy to create daggers made out of pure light and also use it to heal others. They are mutates, not mutants because it was an experiment that jumpstarted their abilities. They had no sliver of the X-Gene in their bodies at all.

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