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10 Fan-Favorite Joker Costumes, Ranked

While he is an iconic mastermind in planning notorious ways to make Gotham city into his heaven of crime, the Joker easily stands apart from all of the other villains out there simply because of his unique look and the costumes he puts on. Over the years, the Joker and his costumes also went through a lot of change. He was experimenting with different outfits that made each of them unforgettable. Here is the list of the top 10 Joker costumes.

The Clown Prince: Emperor Joker acquired extraordinary powers to make himself the Emperor of the World. Although not his best outfit, the leopard fur robe with a crown on top indeed makes this outfit one of the most dazzling costumes he ever had. And thus, makes it memorable even if it was for a short while.

The Clown Prince
Emperor Joker from Superman

Red Hood: There are still many theories about the origin of the joker. One of them was explored as a struggling comedian forced to wear a red hood over his face during a heist that went wrong. That lead him to fall into a chamber with chemicals transforming him into the Joker everybody fears.

Red Hood
Transformation into Joker

Fancy White Suit: Years after being locked up in Arkham Asylum, he returned with a somewhat different look, a brighter one with striped white and a purple dress shirt to be more eye-catching as he executed his escape plan.

Fancy White Suit
Debut in The Dark Knight Returns

Modified Joker Armor: Taking control over Gotham and its resources helped Joker get his hands on the armored bat-suit, which he modified to make it deadlier, added his designs, and taunted Batman of his failures.

Modified Joker Armor
Still from City of Bane

You Can Never Go Wrong With Black: The joker in the endgame dressed to impress with his well-fit dark suit and a high-cut hairstyle showing subtly the demons that he had created in the dark that haunts Batman and Commissioner Gordan. It showed his dark and terrorizing character.

You Can Never Go Wrong With Black
Joker from Endgame

 A Stripped-Down Serial Killer: The more disturbing version of his outfit came up in “Batman R.I.P” when in the finale, he turned his killer mode on and wore nothing but suspenders and pinstriped pants. He had blades in his hands and a bullet wound to the head dripping blood.

 A Stripped-Down Serial Killer
Joker from Batman RIP

BAT-TEE: This time the killer clown went with something casual to change things up and showed up with just a t-shirt with the batman symbol.

BAT-TEE Joker costumes
Joker from White Knight

Rotting Mask Overalls: Joker’s new face in his debut was surgically removed before he disappeared, and so he came back reclaiming his face and converting it into a mask for himself with overalls which he wore.

Rotting Face Overalls Joker costumes
Joker in Death of the Family

Joaquin Phoenix Joker: The 2019 blockbuster cinematic adaptation of the Joker gave birth to the most iconic red suit with a gold vest and a green shirt and dyed his hair to match as he went on to become the Joker we know.

Joaquin Phoenix Joker Joker costumes
Still from the movie: Joker (2019)

Purple Gangster Suit: The most recognizable outfit attached to the name “Joker” is the purple suit with a yellow or green vest and a shirt. This outfit went through so many variations over the years but remained the most prominent one.

Purple Gangster Suit Joker costumes
Joker played by Heath Ledger


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