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10 Fan Theories About Iron Man That Sound Believable

Ever since Iron Man snapped his fingers in “Avengers: Endgame”, MCU fans have been revisiting his older movies. Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark was undoubtedly the most beloved Avenger who connected with the viewers on a deeper level. We saw him evolve from a self-obsessed millionaire playboy to a selfless hero who sacrificed his chance to lead a normal life for the greater good. After the events of “Avengers: Infinity War”, Tony was the only one who didn’t lose anything but got a second chance in life. He got married to his lady love, Pepper Potts, and had a daughter, Morgan, who loved him “3000”. But when the time arrived, our hero took the stones and defeated Thanos without any second thoughts. Revisiting MCU phase 1 to 3 has prompted fans to discover some fascinating theories about the legend. Find out 10 fan theories about Iron Man that sound believable.

Ben Parker in Iron Man

We all know that Peter Parker aka Spider-Man has always worked as a reporter in Daily Bugle. Perhaps, he was motivated by his uncle Ben and wanted to follow in his footsteps? Tony Stark addressing someone as “Ben” during a press conference in “Iron Man” fueled this thought in our heads. A journalist named Ben in the MCU must be more than a coincidence.

Howard Stark Made Super Soldier Serum for Tony

One of the most mind-blowing theories about Iron Man is that Howard Stark injected his son with Super Soldier Formula without his knowing. He may have anticipated the fall of SHIELD under Hydra’s influence and also eventually understood that it was his son, Tony whom he met in the past. With all this in mind, Howard must have replicated the Super Soldier Formula for his son. Perhaps, this is what the Winter Soldier was targeting on December 16th. The way Tony survived fatal situations like the shrapnel piercing his heart, his floating in space and wormhole, and poisoning of his blood seems next to impossible for an ordinary human. Did the Super Soldier Formula enhance his durability?

Harley Keener and Iron Man

Before MCU and Sony struck a deal to share custody of Spider-Man, the former had plans for Harley Keener. According to reports, actor Ty Simpkins who played Harley in “Iron Man 3” had signed a contract for three movies. Considering how Tony and Harley’s relationship had established in the film, this theory sounds pretty believable.

 “Iron Man 1” Gave Spoilers for “Age of Ultron”

The first “Iron Man” film had played a song by Black Sabbath when the credits rolled. But it wasn’t until we watched “Avengers” and “Age of Ultron” that some realized how those credits gave spoilers for future movies. The lyrics highlighted how Iron Man went through the magnetic field and witnessed the Apocalypse. As he returned and shared his grim prediction of Earth, no one believed him, thus turning Iron Man vengeful and bitter. The lyrics further went like “ so he takes his revenge by killing them all, thus bringing about the Apocalypse he saw.” It foreshadowed the events of the future Avengers crossover when Tony saw the fleet of Aliens and Apocalypse in space. The PTSD and fear of aliens caused him to build Ultron to protect Earth but it ended up becoming the Apocalypse itself. Well, this theory about Iron Man seems to be quite believable.

Did Iron Man’s Suits Get Weaker?

Many fans pointed out that Iron Man’s suit had comparatively gotten weaker over the years. How did the same Iron Man who once walked off an explosion suffer damages from Captain America in “Civil War”? Some explanations state that Tony Stark added more combat features and tech at the cost of durability to his suit. His suits got more advanced in terms of lasers, missiles, autopilot, and nanotech. By the end, his nanotech armour allowed him to survive in space, endure blasts from power stones and block galactic-tech attacks.

Falcon’s “I’m Sorry” To Tony

In “Captain America: Civil War”, we saw how Vision accidentally hit Tony’s wingman, War Machine while aiming at Falcon. It caused Rhodes to plummet from a great height and crash into the ground. Amidst all this, Sam Wilson apologizing to Tony had caught the viewers’ attention. Apart from saying sorry for dodging Vision’s attack, he was comforting Iron Man. Sam could empathize with Tony since he too had once lost his wingman while serving in the Air Force.

Morgan Stark’s Future

Many fans state that young Morgan appearing in Rescue’s helmet in “Endgame” was an Easter Egg. She may grow up to become a superhero, perhaps as Rescue, like her father under Peter Parker’s mentorship. Furthermore, her standalone film could be titled “Iron Man 3000”, inspired by the famous quote.

EDITH in “Far From Home”

There was more to Tony’s high-tech AI pair of glasses, EDITH than protecting Earth and monitoring defence intelligence and missiles. It was an acronym for “Even Dead I Am The Hero”, which captured the very essence of Tony’s confidence. He trusted Peter Parker with it so the latter could use it during emergencies.

As we know, the entire plot of “Spider-Man: Far From Home” was based on EDITH and Tony’s former employee Mysterio who wanted to misuse it to deceive others as a hero. In the end, Mysterio died and Spidey retrieved the glasses. But the mid-credits scenes turned the tables around as the villain revealed Spider-Man’s identity and painted him as the bad guy in the tape. So, in a way, Mysterio proved that Even Dead He Was The Hero.

Scott Lang Came For Iron Man

Throughout the “Civil War”, we saw how Tony struggled to recognize Scott Lang. He even blatantly asked him who he was during his visit to the Raft. Additionally, Scott had no idea about the events of “Infinity War”. So, as far as he knew, the Avengers fell apart post the Sokivian Accords in Civil War and Captain America, Falcon, and Black Widow were still fugitives. After returning from the Quantum Realm and realizing what happened in his absence, Scott immediately ran to the headquarters. But why was he explaining his identity to Natasha and Steve Rogers when he had fought on their side? Fans pointed out that Scott thought he was speaking to Tony Stark or an Avenger who had signed the Accords.

Iron Man Suit Made Of Uru

While some believed that the changes in Iron Man’s suits were due to Vibranium, others argue that it was Uru. There are many reasons to back this theory. Howard Stark had discovered the Vibranium in 1940 while building Captain America’s shield. So, the “new element,” that he was referring to in his journal that he couldn’t create could be Uru. This is the element found in some of the most powerful galactic objects- Stormbreaker, Infinity Gauntlet, and Mjolnir. Moreover, if Tony did have access to Vibranium to make his suit, Ultron wouldn’t have taken the pain to find Ulysses Klaue.

Written by Ipshita Barua