10 Fantastic Behind-The-Scenes From James Cameron’s 2009 Avatar

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“Hope is not a strategy.” – James Francis Cameron.

James Francis Cameron is a Canadian movie-maker and environmentalist, who is best known for making Sci-Fi and epic movies for the Hollywood mainstream.
He first gained recognition for when he directed The Terminator.
Never to discount James Cameron, as many times there have been few who have tried to count out this fertile director/writer.
To their amazement, this director has exceeded everyone’s expectations several times by producing phenomenally successful hits.
Like for example, few people thought that Titanic would flop tremendously.
But it instead became a blockbuster breaking record and shocking everyone.
Similarly, a few anticipated Cameron when he was about to produce Avatar, his ambitious project that had substantial special effects, sci-fi action-thriller, and whatnot.
Once again, surprised to see his passion project outshining himself and reclaiming the number-one spot on all-time charts.
There isn’t any doubt in Cameron’s visionary of film-making, and he is a master at it.
This makes any initial claims that his fourth coming Avatar sequels won’t excel the questionable.
James Francis Cameron is a man who directs massive hits.
Avatar is undeniably one of his most beautiful crown jewels.
Indeed the road to success was paved with hard battles and troubles for this fertile director/writer. Eventually, he conquered his mainstream.
Thus, we at FandomWire are big fans of Cameron’s work, especially Avatar, so we have peeked into the behind the scenes of the movie and gathered ten fantastic BTS of the film from the surfeit of different scenes.
Isn’t it interesting…
Let’s hop into it to have a look through ourselves.


1. Hero Complex:


2. Zoe Saldana as Neytiri:

3. Neytiri And Jake Sully Learning How To Use An Arrow:


4. Creating The Structure Of Avatar:


5. Cameron And His Directing Style:

6. Cameron Addressing His Cast:


7. Proportional Differences between Na’vi, Avatars, and Humans:


8. Creating Neytiri Visually:

9. The Na’ vi:


10. Designs Of Creatures Of Pandora:



Avatar was Cameron’s dream movie, and this was the reason it became a massive success of 2009 and thus ended up making about  $2.029 billion worldwide on its release on the box office.

Despite all the criticism that Cameron got from fans, was that this movie wouldn’t be able to make a single penny due to the excess amount of CGI and special effects used.


Almost 60% of the film was based on CGI, and, despite this fact, it became one of the most successful movies of all time, creating history and giving Cameron the fame he has now.


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