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10 Forgotten Facts From Gamora’s Past

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Sharper than a sword and lethal than a bomb, Gamora is one of the fiercest heroes in the MCU. She was introduced in “Guardians of the Galaxy” as Thanos’ adopted daughter. Zoe Saldana is the perfect actress to fill the green-skinned assassin’s shoes. As the Marvel Universe progressed with movies, we got to dig deeper into Gamora’s origins. She comes from the planet Zen-Whoberi where half the population was destroyed by the Mad Titan. It’s astonishing how she became one of the heroes despite being raised by Thanos. But the good Gamora died in “Avengers: Infinity War” after her homicidal father sacrificed her to obtain the Soul Stone. Zoe Saldana revived the character in “Endgame” but this Gamora is not the same. She accompanied Thanos from the past as one of his fighters. We will discover more about her uncertain future in “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3”. But for now, let us dive into the forgotten facts from Gamora’s past.

Origins of The Universal Church of Truth

universal church of truth marvel

Adam Warlock’s oldest and darkest alter-ego, Magus was the leader of the Universal Church of Truth. It was a religious group of invaders that followed the Many-Angled Ones. The Church targeted planets and offered them peace in exchange for conversion. Anyone who dared to refuse their proposal faced a horrific end. Magus was the outcome of Warlock being trapped in the cocoon for years.

How Adam Warlock Destroyed Her Planet


Gamora’s first comic book appearance was in “How Strange My Destiny” where her planet was annexed by Grand Inquisitors. These Grand Inquisitors were sent by the Church of Truth. After every single Zen-Whoberi rejected to follow their religion, all of them except Gamora were massacred by the Church of Truth. Thanos had travelled 20 years into the future and witnessed the whole scene. He saved a little Gamora from being killed and brought her back with him.


gamora mother

This hero’s full name is Gamora Zen Whoberi Ben Titan. The comic books rewrote her origins several times without changing one thing. She was destined to lose her parents and be raised by Thanos in every version. Gamora was born on the planet of Zen-Whoberi and lived with her mother, father, and brother. She and her Zhebori people led a peaceful life on the planet which was doomed to be hit either by over-population or invaders in every reality.

Her Body System

Gamora’s appearance and physical structure aren’t that different from humans. However, her green Zhoberi skin is way thicker, resilient and more resistant to wounds. Zehobereis are also stronger and have an additional liver.  However, the marks on her face right now seem to be given by Thanos.

Is She The Last Surviving Zehoberei?

gamora gotg

One tiny detail from the MCU that has left the fans baffled is the fate of Zen-Whoberi. In “Avengers: Infinity War”, Thanos boasted of relieving the Whoberis from the plight of overpopulation. He claimed that he wiped off half the civilization and gifted them with paradise in return. But Gamora’s rap sheet after getting arrested by Nova Corps in GOTG Vol 1 called her “Last Survivor of the Zehoberei People”.

The Time When Chitauris Massacred Her Planet


Thanos Vol 3 was created to run parallel with the events of the MCU. In this version, the Mad Titan’s planet suffered calamities at a large scale that destroyed the Titans. Thanos blamed overpopulation for the catastrophe and committed himself to prevent it from happening on other planets. Zen-Whoberi was one of his first targets where he sent the Chitauri army to take out half the population in order to restore balance.

When Thanos Found Gamora

thanos and little gamora

Thanos’ true love for his daughter is the kind of love nobody wants. In the timeline where he sent the Black Order of Chitauri to destroy Zehobereis, he spotted a little Gamora trying to fight one of the Chitauris. Thanos then approached her and explained the need to bring balance to the universe by demonstrating with a knife. Since that day, he took in Gamora and raised her all by himself.

Thanos and Gamora’s Relationship

gamora thanos

Thanos adopted Gamora after spotting a little warrior in her. He raised her like a weapon by putting her under excruciating mental and physical training. In the comic books, he also altered the way she perceived reality to make her do his dirty work. All the experiments and training transformed a naïve little Gamora into a deadly assassin.

Thanos and Badoons

badoons marvel

Badoons were part of a reptilian tribe that worked with Thanos to annex other planets and enslave their population. This race was divided by gender- the females lived separately in peace while the males lived on Moord where they ran their prisons.

The Version Where Badoons Killed Her People

baddoons mcu

In this version, Thanos’ reptilian allies were responsible for Zen-Whobori’s destruction. They helped Thanos achieve balance in the world by killing half the civilization. In exchange, they took some victims as prisoners of Moord. In “Warlock and the Infinity Watch Vol II” the existence of the Universal Church of Truth was removed and the Whoberis were slain by Badoons. Gamora took her revenge after growing up and joining the Guardians of the Galaxy.


Written by Ipshita Barua