10 Forgotten Supervillain Team-Ups In The DC Comics

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We often see heroes teaming up to go up against evil forces, but what we don’t see every day is villains teaming up to fight the heroes. The DC universe is vast, the Suicide Squad is the most known supervillain team-up that every DC fan remembers, but there are a few more team-ups that not many fans know about. Here we have listed 10 forgotten supervillain team-ups in the DC comics.


10) Weather Witch And Mirror Man (The New Rogues)

Many fans know about the group of villains known as The Rogues. They were formed to fight Flash. However, not many fans know about the creation of a new band of supervillains by Penguin known as The New Rogues (which comprised of villains like Mirror Man, Chill, Mr. Magic, Burn, and Weather Witch) introduced in 2008’s limited series Gotham Underground #3.


The original Rogues were convinced to join the Society. The New Rogues committed the lethal error of executing Paul Gambi, while also kidnapping Captain Cold’s father. Despite having the same weapons, every member of the New Rogues were crushed and executed by the original Rogues in Final Crisis: Rogues’ Revenge #2.

9) Deadshot And A Parademon (Secret Six Villains United)

Secret Six has appeared multiple times in the DC comics (with three different versions of the same, as well as a fourth version in an alternate universe). Frank Springer and E. Nelson Bridwell created the original group during the Silver Age making an appearance in Secret Six #1.


The original group consisted of adventurers who were blackmailed into a coalition by the enigmatic Mockingbird. In 2005’s Villains United, Gail Simone revamped the group with super-villains. It consisted of members like Cheshire, Catman, Fiddler (killed by Deadshot), Scandal Savage, and Ragdoll, the mysterious Mockingbird is revealed to be Lex Luthor, who is the leader of this group. Even Deadshot and Parademon teamed up and were an important part of the group.

8) Fox, Shark, And Vulture (The Terrible Trio)

The Fox, the Shark, and the Vulture formed a group called The Terrible Trio. They committed daring heists in land, sea, and air with each of the three specializing in a particular form of battleground. They first appeared in Detective Comics #253 – The Fox, the Shark and the Vulture. They even managed to capture Batman and Robin, but Batwoman came to rescue them. They were featured in only 38 issues in the DC Comics.


7) Hush And Riddler

We all know Batman got many enemies who wish to defeat him. The comic Batman: Hush puts a spotlight on some of these characters who try to wreak Batman’s life, as well as that of Bruce Wayne’s. It was later revealed that these series of unfortunate events in Batman’s life were caused by Hush and the Riddler. Fans had to appreciate them for making Batman go through one of his most challenging ordeals. They only teamed up once.

6) Regulus And Grey Lora (Basilisk)


Kaizen Gamorra founded Basilisk, a new yet dangerous group of supervillains, which is currently led by Regulus (Dean Higgins). The group includes members like lack Spider, Condor, as well as the high-ranking Grey Lora. They first appeared in Suicide Squad Vol 4 #8 as a threat to aliens and metahumans, or any other group that supports them. They have appeared in almost 34 issues of the DC comics, going against the Suicide Squad, Team 7, Red Robin, Flash, and The Birds of Prey.  As of recent, they are planning to execute their plan known as “Project Kaizen.”

5) Reverse Flash And Tornado Twins

The Tornado Twins made their first appearance in Adventure Comics Vol 1 #373. Originally, Barry’s children Dawn and Don Allen are superheroes, as per the events of The Flash #757 and #758, the truth behind the twins becoming supervillains in an alternate timeline is revealed.


Barry got lost in the Speed Force when he went to take part in the first Crisis on Infinite Earths. Allen twins grew up without their father, thinking that he abandoned them. Reverse-Flash took advantage of it and filled this void, creating both of them villains and used them as another means to ruin the Scarlet Speedster’s life.

4) Sinestro And Anti-Monitor (Heralds Of The Anti-Monitor)

Anti-Monitor was amongst the many beings who were reborn after the reformation of the Multiverse post-Crisis. Anti-Monitor influenced Sinestro to force the Weaponers of Qward into forging the Qwardian Power Rings, which led to the formation of Sinestro Corps and the events of the Sinestro Corps War. This group, named Heralds of the Anti-Monitor, made its first appearance in Sinestro Corps Special #1 and included members like Cyborg-Superman, Superboy-Prime, and Kyle Rayner hosting Parallax.


3) Enchanted Empress And Tharok (Fatal Five)

Fans got to see many depictions of the Fatal Five over the years, but the original and most memorable has to be the team led by Tharok that first featured in Adventure Comics #352. The team consisted of members Mano, Validus, the Persuader, and the Emerald Empress. Originally, they were created by the Legion of Super-Heroes to help them in defeating the Sun-Eater, but they turned against the heroes as soon as they completed the mission. The Fatal Five is a lesser-known group of extremely powerful villains.

2) Cheetah And Zoom


Eobard Thawne, also known as Zoom, is another most notable, speedster that has also troubled Flash’s life on multiple events. He considers himself to be the variable that forces the Flash to be a better hero. He tried to apply this same logic on Wonder Woman as well during the crossover story known as “Truth or Dare.” It was published in two parts – Wonder Woman Vol 2 #214 and The Flash Vol 2 #219. Zoom teamed up with Cheetah to take on the Flash (Wally West), and Wonder Woman.

1) The Batman Who Laughs And The Devastator (The Dark Knights)

Some fans might agree that the presence of an evil Batman has been an overused trope in DC comics, but one exception is Dark Knights, which consisted of evil Batmans belonging to different universes, such as The Batman Who Laughs, The Devastator, The Red Death, and The Drowned, amongst many more. Each member displays scenarios where Batman could easily have turned into a villain if he had not overcome his tragedies. The group also includes corrupted versions of other DC superheroes and supervillains. The Dark Knights made their first appearance in Dark Days: The Casting #1.



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