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10 Forgotten X-Men Heroes

There is no doubt that X-Men is an excellent film series with some badass mutant superheroes such as Wolverine, Jean, and others. But have you ever thought about the less famous X-Men of the series? Perhaps you don’t even remember them, but don’t worry. Because we are here to shine some light on them and make you remember about the forgotten X-Men heroes. So here is the list of 10 forgotten X-Men heroes.


Slipstream: Slipstream can teleport to any location on Earth using a funnel of trans-spatial energy known as a Warp Wave. Superstrings are used by Warp Waves to connect any two points on Earth. He can not only transfer himself but also other people using the Warp Wave; however, it takes more attention to keep the wave going when traveling with others.

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Marrow- Her superpower is pulling bones out from her body which she used to attack other people. She is a short-tempered teenager with a bad attitude. We want to see her more as her ability is quite unique from others.

Marrow Powers, Enemies, History | Marvel

Hellion- He faced a lot more hardships as an active member of the X-Men than any others. In less than a decade, he lost his hands, was infected with a pseudo-Legacy Virus, and dated Wolverine’s clone. But we would love to see him back.


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Chamber- His initial effort to use his immense powers as a mutant formed entirely of pure psionic energy ended in a terrible injury. His efforts damaged the bottom half of his face, rendering him mute. Fortunately for him, his mild telepathic abilities allowed him to converse with his Generation X friends. We hope he can return, despite the fact that many believe his time has passed.


Gabriel ShepherdHis lack of fame might be attributed to the fact that he is a fancy “Proto-Mutant”.  He is armed with an array of mutant abilities such as immortality, telepathy, and chronokinesis. Though he is not noteworthy, his ability was not inferior to that of any other mutant.

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Sage- Sage is armed with a computer brain and a ferocious resolve. She has all the makings of a big role in modern comics. But, despite being the coolest mutant you’ve ever seen, we haven’t seen her much in the series.



Goldballs- After all, the X-Men didn’t need a transient figure like Goldballs, especially after the traumatic events of Avengers vs. X-Men. We cannot even call him a superhero; rather, he was more akin to a joker, as seen by his behavior.

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Mimic- You might call him a copycat since that was his ability. He could replicate other people’s talents, knowledge, and memories. As a superhero, he was not that special. He developed the ability to briefly duplicate any person’s talents, physical attributes, knowledge, and superpowers within close range (about ten feet), which caused people to dread him.

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Joseph- In the X-Men, everyone receives a clone, including Jean Grey, Cable, Wolverine, and even some baddies. When authors sought to play with Magneto’s “good-guy” potential, a new, younger version of him named Joseph surfaced. This version appeared to be the victim of a Xavier mindwipe and had no knowledge of his previous wrongdoings.

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ForgetMeNot is a pity. Given his name and abilities, it’s odd that most X-Men fans have forgotten about him. ForgetMeNot’s ability was that everyone who encountered him forgot he was there. This was handy for getting into places and remaining undetected. However, it wasn’t very beneficial for making friends or being known as an X-Men.




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