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Good & Bad Celebrity Encounters You Have To See

Being a celebrity is not that easy. There will be no privacy left and attracts unnecessary attention. However, some celebs are very generous and treat their fans well whereas a few celebs get pissed off by them. Here are 10 good and bad fan moments you should know.

1. If you think he’s sweet just like his song Sugar, then you’re probably wrong. A girl fan asked Adam Levine for an autograph, and he replied, “I don’t give autographs to ugly chicks”.

Memories bring back you

2. A Hotel worker once told that Janet Jackson doesn’t like people staring at her, so she ordered security guards to make people bow their heads down.

Looking just like her father

3. According to a worker, Paltrow’s children are misers because they used to pay only $5 per hour, where parents usually pay $100 or even more.

Paltrow in an interview

4. A fan saw Kylie Jenner at a cafe in LA and went to ask her for a picture. She said, ‘I don’t take pictures while eating’ while she isn’t actually eating.

Kylie Jenner

5. While Megan Fox was on the streets of San Diego, a fan approached her and asked for an autograph. She told her security guards, ‘Take this creep away from me.’

Meghan Fox

6. Angelina Jolie had a very sweet encounter with a 13-year-old. The girl’s mother and Jolie talked about parenting and kids’ stuff. When the girl told her she is her role model, Jolie responded with a humble thank-you.

Angelina Jolie

7. A co-passenger once asked Kamala Harris, the Vice President of the United States, and said, “Sorry, but can I get a picture If you don’t mind?” To which she replied that she would they didn’t say sorry.

The epitome of kindness

8. The person who worked with Nicki Minaj on the sets and said not to look at her. She also ordered others to leave before she would come in.

Nicki Minaj

9. A caddie witnessed the egoistic side of Michael Jordan. He carried his kit for a day, and all the other players gave tip for their caddies except Jordan. This guy asked Michael, ‘Is everything fine?’ and he said, “Are you expecting a tip? Man! You’re lucky to serve me.”

Michael Jordan

10. 50 Cent landed in Omaha for a meet and greet schedule with fans of about two hours. Even after two hours, 50 Cent stayed up for more two hours to meet the rest of the fans in the queue.

50 Cent

Written by FandomWire Staff