10 Greatest Game Of Thrones Side Plots We All Fell In Love With

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HBO’s hit series Game Of Thrones has many intriguing side plots that approach different angles to the storyline. GOT has delivered multiple characters that we are intimately acquainted with. For a single TV series, it has pierced so many hearts. Also, it has redefined all the directions that could be calculated. With all the side plots and apparent hooks this show offers, one can take a break from reality. However, keeping track of the most excellent GOT side plots seems like a tough job. However, it turned out that we can build a compelling climax around ten of the most excellent GOT side plots. Let’s have a look at it.


1. Since one of the main themes of GOT is the futile battlefield, the journey of Arya serves this purpose like nothing else. Thus, the story is redundant in its use of the way she gets home through the forest. But it had an impressive amount of storylines and had an impact on the character’s sketch.

Game of Thrones side plots

2. Cersei’s predictable destiny appeared as a conflict. The after-effects of Maggy The Frog’s prophecy and the information she has shared with Cersei made her question whether or not her destiny is confirmed. And she also wanted to know if her convictions accidentally created the hazards that come in the way.


3. Ned Stark’s death at the end of season 1 has a significant impact as one of the most incredible side plots. Ned initially established himself as one of the main characters of GOT, and the way his journey contributes to the entire plot of the story. However, his final goal did not work out the way he thought. Nevertheless, it certainly helped to build the actual main characters throughout the show.

Game of Thrones side plots

4. The Dorne plotline has been one of the most terrible and unnecessary side plots of GOT. But Prince Oberyn’s revenge arc was one of the powerful in the storyline. Although, the awful death of the Red Viper at the hand of Gregor Clegane implied the injustice nature of right and retaliation.

5. The romance between Grey Worm and Missandei could’ve been incredible. We wish they could have build a life together outside Deanerys’ quest for world domination. Unfortunately, Grey Worm’s journey to Naath to fulfill Missandei’s dream to honor her was their story ended.


6. Alfie Allen’s character development as Theon Greyjoy was one of the best examples that one doesn’t need to be extraordinary to become a hero. Theon has risen from ashes like a phoenix after enduring an unbelievable amount of trauma.

Game of Thrones side plots

7. Throughout the show, the conflict between Sandor and Gregor is one of the significant portions of the relevant plot twists that took place before time. Yet gradually, the final ‘Clegane-bowl’ served the feeling of both success and failure.

What if the Hound was Tyrion's champion instead of Oberyn? - Quora

8. Melisandre, one of the most thematically fascinating characters in GOT, believed she was fighting against the darkness by doing evil deeds to achieve her goals. It indeed appears to be one of the greatest side plots of GOT.

Game of Thrones side plots


9. Daenerys’ character arc in Meereen to rule might initially appear as a pointless diversion at the time. But this side plot elucidated many significant aspects about Dany as a leader.

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10. Joffrey almost lost his throne because of the city’s starving people rioting due to the crisis. After such an extreme situation, the side plot deliberately showed Daenerys’ dark side, or Sansa seemed anxious about feeding people.



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