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10 Greatest TV Vampire Couples – Ranked

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Just because you like sucking blood should not stop you from finding true love. These vampire couples give the entire world some really serious couple goals.

Mina and Dracula – Dracula

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In most movies and TV adaptations, we see Dracula resurrecting from his grave only to go after Mina. Dracula chases Mina to drink his blood and keep him-self alive. But that is not entirely true. The real reason Dracula pursues Mina is because he wants to be romantically involved. In the original novel, Mina is the reincarnated wife of Dracula. Under the guise of Alexander Grayson, Dracula comes closer to his goal of making Mina fall in love with him. Harker, Mina’s fiancé, does prove to be an obstacle. Their story is one of resilience against all odds. Sadly, the show was cancelled before they could explore the relationship a bit more.

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Vlad and Lisa – Castlevania

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Vlad Dracul would be cursed and one day becomes Count Dracula. As the Lord of the Vampires, Dracula did not trust mankind and always maintained his distance. Eventually he started to hate all humanity for trying to persecute him. It was Lisa, the love of his life that requested Dracula to give humanity another chance. With Lisa, Dracula travelled the world and realized not all humans are evil and sinister. Some are genuinely noble creatures. After Lisa was mistaken for a witch and burned at the stake, Vlad’s hatred for humanity was rekindled. But it was Lisa who tried and found a way to make a tyrant have a change of heart. There is nothing more romantic than that.

Barnabas Collins and Victoria Winters – Dark Shadows: The Revival

vampire 3

Dark Shadows: The Revival was a 1991 British adaptation of Dan Curtis’ original gothic soap opera of the same name. Dark Shadows featured Ben Cross as the titular Barnabas Collins and Joanna Going played a double role in the series. She was most well-known as Victoria Winters, the governess whose arrival forces Barnabas to wake up from his deep slumber and walk the Earth again. The show had many flaws because of which it ended up being cancelled. But one of the greatest highlights of the show was the romantic relationship between Barnabas and Victoria. The show was a cult classic due to the chemistry between Cross’ and Going’s portrayal.

Herman Munster and Lily Munster – The Munsters

vampire 4

The Munsters is a classic TV Show that aired back when color TV was not even a thing yet. Herman and Lily Munster married in the year of 1865. Together, they have a son Eddie. Eddie is a werewolf. The Munsters was a very progressive show for its time. It tackled issues like racism and discrimination in its various episodes. Herman Munster was the Frankenstein’s Monster while his wife Lisa was a vampire. Herman sometimes managed to piss Lisa off but we all knew he loved her and would do anything to keep her safe and happy. The Munsters are a classic for a reason and Lily and Herman proved it every episode.

Aidan and Sally – Being human

vampire 5

In the Canadian Version of Being Human, Aidan and Sam move into a derelict apartment. The apartment was haunted. It was Sally’s ghost that haunted it. Aidan is a vampire. Coincidentally, Aidan and Sally ended up becoming the best of friends. One thing led to another and both realized they have feelings for each other. A vampire and a ghost becoming a couple do seem odd but Being Human pulls it off so gracefully. In another timeline, we see that Sally and Aidan was a real-world couple that broke off a while ago. In the actual timeline, Aidan and Sally were lucky enough to stick around and work things out.

Damon and Elena – The Vampire Diaries

vampire 6

When Elena first saw Damon, her first impressions on him were that Damon is a trouble maker. Slowly and steadily, Damon and Elena grew closer. Elena discovered that Damon is not as evil as everyone makes him out to be. Damon too started seeing Elena in a different light the longer the two spent time together. They became friends, then best friends and then finally transitioned into lovers. Soon they married and became each other’s support. Damon and Elena have proved beyond doubt is that if you believe in your better half, the flaws in a relationship can be mended and repaired.

Sookie Stackhouse and Eric North – True Blood

vampire 7

In the first season of True Blood, Sookie dated another vampire by the name of Bill Crompton. It was only in second season that Sookie and Eric became a thing. After Sookie helped Eric find his maker and was tricked into drinking Eric’s blood, Sookie and Eric formed a supernatural bond that was hard to break. Sookie was revealed to be half fairy. Eric became even more protective of her after the revelation. Even though their relationship did not work out, Eric did promise that he will always watch out for her and keep an eye on her should things go south.

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Laszlo and Nadja – What We Do In The Shadows

vampire 8

What We Do In The Shadows has many things to look forward to. But the relationship between Laszlo and Nadja is at the top of that list. Before Laszlo came into her life, Nadja had already kissed too many frogs to find her prince. They migrated to America after anti-vampire prejudice gripped Europe in the mid-19th century. Despite being married for more than 200 years, the duo knows how to keep things interesting. Nadja and Laszlo have had affairs of their own but that has not stopped them from running into each other’s arms every time trouble knocked at their door.

Marceline and Princess Bubblegum – Adventure Time

vampire 9

Marceline, a vampire, was a thorn on Princess Bubblegum’s side. She never let go of any chance to tease and humiliate Princess Bubblegum. As the show progressed, it was shown that Marceline and Princess Bubbelgum used to be a thing. When things did not work out, it got really ugly and both had to go their separate ways. At the very end of the Stakes miniseries, we see Marceline becoming a mortal again. She was again cursed and transformed into a vampire. When Princess Bubblegum asked if she was upset, Marceline said that she was looking forward to spending an eternity with her.  Could these two be more adorable?

Buffy and Angel – Buffy the Vampire Slayer

vampire 10

Angel was a notorious vampire before he was rejuvenated and saw the error of his ways. Buffy’s original objective was to kill him and that should have been the end of story for Angel. But in Angel, Buffy saw a kindred spirit. Buffy and Angel’s relationship suffered numerous setbacks. But they did manage to keep things on track. After a misunderstanding created a rift between them, Angel decided to go back to his old ways and get out of Buffy’s life. If you love someone and you truly want her to be happy, you should let her go if that is what she wants. Nobody knew the gravity of the words better than Angel.

Written by Bibhu Prasad Panda

With a Bachelor's in Engineering and a Master's in Marketing and Operations, Bibhu found a love for writing, working for many different websites. He joined FandomWire in July 2020 and worked his way to his current position of Content Strategist. Bibhu has been involved in operating and managing FandomWire's team of writers, diversifying into varied, exotic fields of pop culture.

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