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10 Harry Potter Dark Arts Tattoos That Fans Are Definitely Gonna Love

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Writer J. K. Rowling created the Harry Potter series, and it became one of the most love-able series of all time. 

Especially when it was released in the form of a movie franchise by Warner Bros.

Over the years, the Harry Potter franchise had gained many devoted fans. 

There are different pieces of this fantastic series by which fans relate themselves. 

The dark magic has been one of the most substantial parts of this magical world that Harry Potter fans have found themselves fascinated with. 

The dark arts are miraculously the chief part in the Harry Potter universe. 

As the difference between dark and light is a usual theme in this story and one that fans have chosen sides of. 

The Hard Core Harry Potter fans have found an excess of ways to pay tribute to their favorite Harry

Potter movies and books, and one of those ways is by inking themselves with their preferred things

of the series. Today we at FandomWire have compiled a list of Harry Potter Dark Arts Tattoos that

we are sure fans will love.

Sounds spooky let’s pop into it!

1. Nagini:

2. Harry’s Horcrux:

3. I Must Not Tell Lies:

4. The Dark Mark:

5. Marvolo Gaunt’s Ring:

6. Avada Kedavra:

7. Lord Voldemort:

8. Tom Riddle’s Diary:

9. The Slytherin’s Locket:

10. The Lost Diadem:


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