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10 Hidden Easter Eggs in Popular TV Series That You Missed

Movie enthusiasts are always digging for hidden details and Easter Eggs in their favourite films and franchises. In fact, directors enjoy sneaking little details here and there, only for the loyal fans to sniff them out. They are so subtle that they never come under the casual viewers’ notice. But these games are not limited to the big screen. Little did one know that showrunners also hid interesting details in plain sight. While most of us moved on from the TV shows overnight, some rewatched them and found pretty fascinating elements. Find out the 10 hidden Easter eggs in popular TV shows that you missed.


Almost everyone has watched the classic sitcom “Friends” about 100 times. And the most common question raised by fans was how the group of 6 managed to acquire the same couch at Central Perk every single day. Well, the eagle-eyed viewers spotted the “Reserved” sign placed on their table which indicated that the seats were reserved most of the time. We’ve got to acknowledge how the director paid attention to this little detail.

Arrested Development

The show was legit screaming out Buster’s fate throughout. It wasn’t the universe but the showrunners who were constantly dropping hints that Buster would lose his arm eventually. Who would have guessed what it meant when Buster called a party “off the hook” and said “Wow, I never thought I’d miss a hand so much” for a chair? But the craziest of Easter eggs was when the character sat in front of a board and covered it so it would read “arm off”.

How I Met Your Mother

No, we aren’t referring to the yellow umbrella that kept appearing in every season. The detail we are talking about happens to be a pretty genius move for a light-hearted and cheesy show like “How I Met Your Mother”. The 13th episode of the 6th season where Marshall’s father passed away began with a countdown from 50. If you notice carefully, all the numbers were arranged brilliantly on random props until it came down to ‘01” on a taxi, followed by “expired” on a parking meter.

Game of Thrones

The cunning Petyr Baelish lied through most of the series to get things done his way. Though only a fool would trust him, we can’t ignore how his forewarnings about certain characters’ death came out to be true. His quote “People die at their dinner tables, they die in their beds, they die squatting over their chamber pots” mirrored with Joffrey Baratheon, Shae, and Tywin Lannister’s deaths.

House of Cards

The cold-blooded megalomaniac Francis Underwood always mentioned that he didn’t use people unless he could “throw them away afterwards”. Little did we know that this phrase would turn quite literal for Zoe Barnes. His pushing Zoe off the train was forewarned in numerous ways. Recalling how she once said that her job at “metropolitan” was “killing her” is quite chilling now, isn’t it?


Remember how the iconic Beetlejuice appeared whenever someone uttered the name thrice? Turns out this phenomenon was subtly extended to the popular show “Community” as well. The classic film was given a nod quite creatively as every character randomly said “Beetlejuice” once in the first three seasons. But when it was uttered the third time, Beetlejuice had finally appeared for a brief moment.

Mad Men

The popular and cynical show “Mad Men” showed one of its most disturbing moments when Lane Pryce hanged himself in Season 05. This tragedy was on the cards for a long time as it was hinted at on several occasions in the previous seasons. He had once said in Season 3 “I feel like I just went to my own funeral. I didn’t like the eulogy”. It wasn’t until later that we realized what his joke “I’ll be here for the rest of my life” really indicated. To add on, Don Draper’s scratchpad also had a sketch of a noose.

Walking Dead

Discovering the cannibalism in Terminus wasn’t so shocking for clever viewers who had decoded a hint dropped earlier in the season. While exploring a house in the town, Michonne came across a chilly portrait of someone steeped in blood. The woman in the painting was the same person, Mary who had welcomed the group to the town in the beginning.


Discovering Inara’s sickness later in the series came as a shock to most of the viewers. But this plot twist was forewarned long ago in the very first episode. We should have sniffed it out back then as Inara had gone to her cabin to take out a box of the syringe when the crew was facing the Reavers.


Scully’s brain tumour was vividly forewarned in the fourth episode of season 4 of “X-Files”. When a maniac who subjected women to forceful surgeries had kidnapped Scully, he told her that she had “Howlers” in her head that he wanted to remove. Those “howlers” turned out to be on the same spot as the tumour that she discovered later.