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10 Horrendous Superhero Movie Plot Holes, Ranked

Even our most favorite superhero movies have some gaping, glaring plot-holes we cannot ignore. These plot holes make a ton of sense when you start thinking seriously.

Who Was Supposed To Actually Be In The Avengers Initiative

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Nick Fury had been planning the Avengers Initiative for a long time. But who were actually supposed to be potential candidates? Tony Stark “Doesn’t play well with others.” Captain America was on ice and his resurfacing was a surprise. Thor came in only when he was banished from Asgard. Hawkeye joined in because he wanted to get back at Loki. Who were Fury’s original choices for the Avengers?

Lois Lane Cannot Run A Background Check On Clark Kent

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Lois Lane has one encounter with a mysterious rescuer and somehow she is able to find out everything there is to know about him. From his name to the fact that his records were falsified, she knew everything about Superman. That’s not how journalism works. Was Lois Lane in the CIA?

Bane Should’ve Known Bruce Wayne Is Back

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bane leaves a broken Bruce Wayne in the Pit. He escapes but Bane, who spent all his life there and probably has men inside the Pit, doesn’t get to know. An unarmed Bruce Wayne enters a completely fortified Gotham, gets apprehended but nobody seems to inform Bane about Bruce’s re-emergence. Even Miranda aka Talia does not inform Bane. That’s preposterous.


It Should Have Been Impossible For Clark Kent To Get Into Daily Planet

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Clark Kent is a high school dropout from a random school in Kansas. He somehow bags an internship in the most prestigious newspaper publication in the country. Some may claim Lois got him the internship but even she is stunned when she sees Clark there. It does not make sense at all.

Mary Jane Watson Attending Kingpin’s Party

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The Spider-Man of the mainstream Spider-Verse reality was pretty close with Mary Jane. He probably would have filled her in on all the villains he has ever fought. Mary Jane must be able to deduce who killed Peter. But she still attends Kingpin’s party to celebrate Spider-Man’s life.

Why Aren’t More People Getting Spider Powers

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Considering the facility they visited was rearing and breeding such super spiders, there is absolutely no way a random researcher hadn’t figured out that a spider bite is what gave Spider-Man his powers. Even if there was just one super spider, Peter never killed it. After being bitten, he just shrugged it off. That super spider is still out there and has more than enough venom to make multiple Spider-Man.

The Kryptonians Should Be Immune To Earth’s Atmosphere

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How did Faora, Zod, and the rest of the Kryptonians have Superman like powers while still in their Kryptonian suits? None of the Kryptonians exhibited the ‘Earth Sickness’ when their ship’s atmosphere was changed to Earth like conditions. Superman is somehow able to breathe in space but has trouble breathing Earth and Krypton air?

Gotham PD Never Cared To Remove Joker’s Make-Up To Find Out His Identity

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No wonder Gotham is so rife with crime. When Gordon finally beings the joker in, the PD tries everything from DNA to dental matches in their records. No one seemed to notice the Joker still had his make-up on. A visual match was still in the realm of possibility.

Wolverine Can Never Get A New Haircut

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In The Wolverine, Wolverine is seen facing the full force of an atomic bomb in an early scene. His skin peels off and most of his hair burns out. You could even see bone shards popping out of his body. His healing factor kicks in and Wolverine gets it all back, even the hair he lost to the radiation. So if his hair also has the same regenerative factor, then how come the movies make it a point that even wolverine needs a haircut.

Captain Marvel’s Speed Is Impossible – Even By Comic Book Standards

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Captain Marvel was away when the Hulk Snap brought everyone back to life. She must have called in the Avengers HQ, gotten no response, and decided to get to earth herself, fearing something must have happened. Considering she was even in our nearest star system – Proxima Centauri, it would take approximately 4 years for her to reach Earth on lightspeed. She travelled to earth in a matter of minutes. Not even the comic books have granted her that kind of speed.

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